The Identity Crisis Book Tag

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OK… so I was tagged in this gem a couple of times. WHICH IS THE BEST. Because my hilarious and genius friend Loretta made this gem out of our ridiculous convos.

Thank you so much to evil twin Sibby and Leelyn for tagging me. Check them out if  you haven’t already, they are good humans and I appreciate them.


  1. Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers somehow. I decided to just copy the text from each quiz and paste it into my post, but screenshots work too! Whatever floats your goat (Yes goat. I SAID WHAT I SAID).
  2. NO CHEATING. You get one shot to take each quiz my friends. I’m watching you. ∗Suspicious squinty eyes∗
  3. Use this post to give credit to the creator Loretta @ The Laughing Listener or tag me on twitter @LaughnListener so I can see everyone’s answers!!
  4. Tag some friends to spread the fun!

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Obsidio (I Finally finished so I get champagne right?) | Book Review

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By: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

The Illuminae Files #3| 628 Pages | Pub. 2018

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Obsidio at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Heroine: Just trying to survive
  • Dude: Ode to his hair
  • Steaminess: Let’s be real… it’s freezing on Kerenza
  • Brutality: Teddies in the snow…I will NOT get over that

Pairs Well With

Didn’t I just say champagne?

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Ways to Increase Reading Time

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So far this year I have read 100 books. I’m pretty on track to hit my 200 book Goodreads goal. I often am asked how I make the time to read so many books, so I thought I would write down some of the ways I sneak in reading.
I will say, that I don’t have children so that does make it easier to sneak in reading time. But, I also have a pretty active social life and am constantly traveling or going to shows/parties and have to work around those.

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