Book Crushes : Dreams vs. Reality

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I have too many book boyfriends. I love them and I have no apologies for any of them. But realistically, I know i’m never ending up with the guy I dream about. I’m getting the one “more compatible with my personality” BLAH BLAH BLAH.

So here are the boyfriends I want vs who I would really end up with. Let me know who your book crushes are in the comments!

Enjoy my crazy!

October Wrap-Up

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I got to go see Teagan this month! Actually, October was an insanely busy month with travel, my parents visiting and work picking up. I also had jury duty and doctor appointments to deal with so now I need a vacation. I don’t know how life got so busy, but I went ahead and got a Panda Planner which seems to make things a little easier. At the minimum it is making me do daily gratitude journals and write down the positives.

I’m super excited for November because I will get to spend some down time at home as well as a pre-Thanksgiving family trip to Asheville, NC. Houston doesn’t have much of a fall season so i’m really looking forward to cool weather and maybe I will see some bears!

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Trash Tuesday | Villains

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For those who are new to the Trash Mob, Trash Tuesday is a weekly series meant for gushing about things we’re trash for. TRASH, well-know to the youths as the following,  is in no way, shape, or form meant to be negative. Trash is an endearing term meant for us fangirls (and boys) that may take things just a tad bit too far sometimes. And that’s OKAY.  – ReadbyDev

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