September Wrap-Up // October TBR

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This was a crazy month. Teagan went back to the Sawtooths, Jess went back to New Mexico and to River City Rockfest. Plus, we both drowned in work. Thank goodness for books and the amazing ones we read this month.  Also, everyone should be embarrassing and wish Jess a belated happy birthday!

September Reading Stats

  • Book Read: 17
  • Pages: 7,483
  • Reviews Written: 15
  • Average Rating: 3.7

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August Wrap-Up & September TBR


August is over which means it’s *almost* Fall, AKA the best time of the year! August was a great reading month for us – we especially loved City of Brass, Mirage and Dance of Thieves! Plus, we delved into Raven Boys and gave the Lunar Chronicles another chance. We finally gave up on Queens of Innis Lear and are happier for it. Outside our book lives, Jess camped on the beach and Teagan in Nevada and we both spent wayyyyy too much money on books.

August Reading Stats

  • Book Read: 17
  • Pages: 6,993
  • Reviews Written: 17
  • Average Rating:

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July Wrap-Up and August TBR


July was a crazy month for us and we have no idea how we got so much reading done! Teagan drove all over Idaho and Utah, including some amazing hikes, and Jess went to LA and camped on the beach down in the gulf. The views for reading inspired us and while we can’t wait for August, July treated us pretty well.

July Reading Stats

  • Book Read: 18
  • Pages: 6,430
  • Reviews Written: 17
  • Average Rating: 3.75

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