Sunday Snooze | April 5, 2020

I have been missing for a while because SURPRISE I had a baby! Also, this whole quarantine thing happened and life has just been insane. So now I’m locked in my house with 2 dogs and a one month old. I honestly can’t complain because I was already scheduled to be off of work and my husband can work from home.

So I decided to get back to blogging because it helps me stay sane!

2020 GOALS

I am finally caught up to my Goodreads Goal for the year. It turns out that 2 weeks in the hospital and quarantine are great for my reading.

Books I finished

I have finished quite a few since my last Sunday post, so I’ll just share this week’s completions.

I will do reviews for most of these, but The Duchess Deal was a reread, as was The Governess Game. Sometimes you just need some romance novels to make you feel better.

I finished the original Shatter Me books, including all of the novellas. Full reviews to come because I have some opinions.

Cruel Beauty was my favorite surprise! I fell in love with this book!

This Week’s Favorite Things

Video Chats – The ability to talk and see my family friends’ faces has been a huge asset during this time. I had my first baby and can’t have any family to help or be here. That is rough, but we are making it through using technology.

Coffee – This is how i’m staying awake. I wouldn’t make it without my coffee right now.

Magnetic Bookmarks – I don’t know why I didn’t have any before. I’m usually the person who throws a receipt or scrap of paper between pages. But these are changing my life and I can’t go back.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments!

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Trashiest Literary Breakups

Okay, Valentine’s is over and it’s time to talk about the best breakups. I’m talking trash fire breakups that were fantastic and painful. Now, some of these couples do get back together, but the watching the dumpster fire happen was worth it.

Heads up that there will be lots of spoilers for the following series: Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Mortal Instruments, Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Wolfsong, Red Queen, The Folk of the Air and Twilight.

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