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IMG_8250 Hi! We’re Jess & Teagan, two book obsessed adults who met when our mutual friend, Kels (love you, Kels), decided she’d had enough of us individually talking to her about books and started a group chat so we could meet and bother each other instead. A year later we decided our snarky thoughts on books needed to shared with the world and thus our blog, FictionNoChaser, was born. We review young adult, new adult, fantasy, paranormal/urban, and romance novels. Plus, we also appreciate a good drink and always give a suggestion on what pairs well with the books we review.



A.K.A. Ginger and stealer of souls. The one who adores a tragic death because she never got over her high school emo phase. Can be found in the bathtub with a glass of wine and a book. Is basically an angel after reading every book about them in existence. Lover of the feisty, semi-insane characters who make very questionable choices (especially if they have tattoos). Dislikes needy, whiny, flakey female characters. Bella **cough**.

Insta @jessmcatron | Twitter @jessmhewett | Goodreads Jessica Hewett


26906974_10215195351986042_2935193700709143124_nA.K.A the one who gets too emotionally involved. Future wife of Rhysand once she gets Feyre out of the way. Can be found cuddling with her cat and juggling multiple books at a time because she gets too invested and has to take breaks. Lover of all things fairies, mythological creatures, and sexy alpha male heros. Dislikes love triangles.

Insta: @teaganeastman | Goodreads: Teagan Eastman

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