October 2021 Reads

So I disappeared for a couple weeks again. Ooops! I was actually on vacation and it was wonderful so I feel no guilt in my disappearance. And honestly, I spent days putting together an “Empty Bathtub” playlist, for the emo who needs to sit in the dark in an empty bathtub. No time to blog when you are cultivating dark playlists.

BUT, I cruised through some books so let’s see what I just finished and what I’m up to next!

What I finished on vacation

I may do these as mini reviews, but I finished these four and they all filled my vacation reading needs.

What i’m up to now

I’m trying to finish up my reread of Clockwork Angel for the Shadowhunter Sunday buddy read. I have to finish Clockwork Prince by the end of October.

I’m still working on Golden Son, which is a crime because I love it so much. I was trying to listen to the second half, but this is just a print reading series for me.

What’s next for spooky season?

It’s time. Time for Mexican Gothic. I’m ready and I want to pick it up NOW, but I feel like I have to finish those books first. Maybe not. I also have The Ex Hex coming from Book of the Month club to follow up the horror vibes.

That’s it for me! What are you reading this month? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “October 2021 Reads

  1. I feel like I’m seeing The Ex Hex EVERYWHERE at the moment! My bookstagram feed is saturated with it! The blurb didn’t really grab me at first, but now I’m kinda curious – looking forward to hearing what you think and whether it lives up to the hype!


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