King of Fools | Book Review

The Shadow Game #2 | 602 Pages | 2019

King of Fools at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Heroine: Ultimate baddie
  • Dude: The hottest mess
  • Steaminess: So that’s what card tables are for
  • Brutality: I’m NOT Okay

Pairs Well With

A bottle of gin and a box of tissues


Wow, this hurt. The thing that I knew was going to happen from the beginning of Ace of Shades happened. And i’m reeling.

We pick up after the Shadow Game. New Reynes is dealing with the deaths of major players, while Levi and Enne are just trying to stay alive. Levi makes deals with new players, while Enne begins her own empire in an abandoned district. The two go in and out of each other’s orbit, all while keeping secrets and hiding their true agenda.

The entire book I didn’t know who the true bad guy was. Is it Vianca with her omertas? Is it her son with his suspicious motives? The wealthy vs. the poor? Drug kingpins at war? JUST TELL ME WHO TO WORRY ABOUT! I was worried about everyone, all the time. My concern for my babies never stopped.

Levi, our beloved mess, cannot for the life of himself figure out who’s side he is on. He makes a strange deal in the beginning that seems like it will help them all if he can pull it off. Meanwhile, he won’t tell Enne, who is simultaneously working against him for Vianca. It’s a MESS, folks. Everyone is keeping secrets. Everyone is working various angles.

“It didn’t matter whether she decked herself in knives or pearls. The world would always demand that a girl apologize for herself, but she would apologize for nothing.”

I loved Enne in this book. She made questionable decisions, but she did it with confidence. She made no apologies for the way she lived her life and began her empire. And the girl squad vibes are PERFECT. I loved the spirits and their old abandoned building. They use their brains and come up with a scheme to make money and build themselves up. Grace is serious goals for me. Her stabby emo vibes were everything I want to be. And we always love Lola with her sass.

My favorite part of this was Jac. Just like the last one, except WE GET JAC POV! My heart, my heart. I lived for his story. Jac goes through some stuff, fighting against his addiction, learning who he is without Levi. It’s just perfection in a storyline. Jac is sent into the fighting dens, riddled with drugs to find answers for Levi. While in there, he meets a girl, Sophia and their adventure really made this book for me. Jac learns who he is and what his limits are and it’s a beautiful story to see.

Levi, my darling. By the end, I adored him, but it was a long road to get there. Just like in the first book, Levi is scrambling to get himself and the Irons together. Is he even a gang leader anymore? Does he have ANY power? It really wasn’t looking good for him at the end of Ace of Shades, but Levi shows us who he really is. His random deals and schemes as so crazy to watch. I felt like I was reading with one eye open and cringing from his pure chaos.

And when HE NAMED ENNE’S SQUAD. I almost raged and threw my kindle. I love him, but his over-confident misogyny will be the end of me.

I laughed, I cried. I’m begging for a miracle in the third book. Honestly, I’m postponing reading it because I’m still hurt from King of Fools. I just don’t know why it had to hurt THAT BAD, when I knew it was coming. Foody is an evil genius because that was some kind of pain that I don’t know how to come back from.

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