Ignite Me | Book Review

Shatter Me #3 | 421 Pages | 2014

Ignite Me at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★1/2
  • Heroine: FINALLY
  • Dudes: Less creepy
  • Steaminess: Conference table is a power move
  • Brutality: It’s a war…


Alright, I finished. And if you tell me “Jess there are three more books!” I will laugh because those are getting TERRIBLE reviews. I’m done. I have completed what I set out to do.

Turns out I really liked Juliette in the end. She took a look around and said “all of these people are idiots so I have to handle things myself.” She snapped out of her crazy and just took charge and I am here for it.

I also like book 3 Warner. You want to know why? Because he stopped being a creepy, stalker guy! See, when you act normal and give a person respect and actually love who they are and not who you think they are? That’s when you get places. So now I do like Warner because he stopped being creepy AF.

In a world where there is so much to grieve and so little good to take? I grieve nothing. I take everything.

Am I swooning everywhere? No. Nope. But I like him and I see the appeal.

Lamp. You know what you did.

I can’t even waste my time on Adam because KENJI. Once again, Kenji and James make the book what it is. His sass is spectacular and these would honestly suck without his humor.

“Kenji clears his throat. “Hey–guys? Your loin passion is grossing out the little ones.”

Honestly, these books would be worthless without Kenji and James. BUT, if I had read these at 17 or 20 even, I would have loved them i’m sure. I would have adored the love triangle and all of the angst. As it is, I’m not going to continue with the next three books. I’m happy with the ending of the first three.

Have you read Ignite Me? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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One thought on “Ignite Me | Book Review

  1. Nice Review.

    yes warner becomes less stalkier and creepy and actually shows real emotions.

    I think this is the best book in the first three at least.

    Nice review keep it up.


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