Smutmas Mini Reviews

In order to bring some joy this Holiday season, a few of my friends and I did #SMUTMAS, where we read as much Christmas-themed romance as possible. I managed to read 5 fun Christmas romances and they really did lift my spirits. Here is what I read!


Merry Inkmas by Talia Hibbert

Merry Inkmas was an adorable read for this Christmas. Bailey is a barista who has a crush on this big bearded, tattooed hot guy. He keeps coming in and flirting with her even! But one day she finds herself out of her barista job and working for the hot guy. All of a sudden, Cash, her new boss is no longer the flirty stranger, but gruff and rude to her all the time.

It’s Christmas, so Bailey needs the job, but can she get her boss to show her who he really is?

This is a steamy read written by a Black female author and staring a Black female MC. It also has the cutest freaking family scene and you really need this one for those Christmas feels.


The Boss Who Stole Christas by Jana Aston

This was the beginning of a trilogy of novellas about three sisters. Noel, Holly and Ginger. Yes. Those are their names and their last name is Winter. If you were looking for cheesy christmas then HERE IT IS.

This first installment is about Noel, who has a giant crush on her boss, who is a giant jerk. But, he turns out to be a super hot and not very mean guy? The steam was on point for this one so if you are looking for a boss/cheesy/christmas story then this is for you!


If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread by Jana Aston

A gingerbread baking contest on the Food Network? You know I had to read the second book ASAP. Ginger Winter *giggles* meets a sexy, famous chef with a British accent. *deep sigh*

I told you these were cheesy, but oh boy, did this bring me joy. Sexy bake-off is now my thing. It’s official.


Stocking Stuffers by Erin McLellan

Well this book was…educational. We get the trapped for Christmas in an adorable inn trope, but with sex toys. Yep. Our main character is a salesperson for those special parties where people can buy sex toys and she gets snowed in with her inventory along with her host’s sexy brother.

While this was cute, I really appreciated the diversity here. Our MC is pan sexual and there are two f/f couples stranded in the inn as well.

There is some explicit toy usage here, so if you aren’t looking for steam then this is not your book.


The One Night Stand Before Christmas by Jana Aston

You know I had to finish this series when the final book is a ONE NIGHT STAND WITH SANTA CLAUS.

I still think that the second book is my favorite of the trilogy, but here we have Holly sleeping with Santa and then leaving him at her house. ALONE. I laughed quite a bit while reading this one. Mostly wondering “WHY?”

This series is just adorable and fun so I suggest it if you are still in the mood for cheesy Christmas love!

I made a dedicated Goodreads Shelf that you can check out here! I’m going to leave the shelf up for use next year. Or for Christmas in July if you are a fan of that!

What’s did you read this Holiday season? Let me know in the comments!


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