White Hot Kiss | Book Review

The Dark Elements #1 | 400 Pages | 2014

White Hot Kiss at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: An actual 17 year old
  • Love Interest: Demon Jace and The Gargoyle from Disney
  • Steaminess: Keepin’ it YA
  • Brutality: Spines make great presents


Oh, another JLA young adult series. Why am I so addicted to her books? They are basically like reading candy that I just blaze through. Just the right amount of romance and batshit crazy plot. You thought that greek gods or aliens were crazy? WE HAVE GARGOYLES. Yep. Gargoyles.

I don’t know why I am so into this, but i’m here for gargoyle and demon romance.

Basically, we have a similar formula to her other books. Half-demon, half-warden (gargoyle) heroine Layla has grown up with the wardans and has an unrequited crush on her best friend Zayne. Zayne is our hot, blonde gargoyle man and I have not decided what my feelings for him are just yet. I love that he defends her, but he also has that hero syndrome that is very BORING.

So Layla knows weird things are happening when she runs into Roth, an upper demon. Roth gives her the “help me, a good demon, save the world from the apocalypse” line and Layla eats it right up. Roth is super hot with tattoos and sass for days so obviously Layla is into this. It helps that Roth doesn’t have a soul, so Layla can kiss him without sucking out his soul and killing him. Super fun!

Honestly, I’m still a little confused about the plot here. It wasn’t very intricate or well explained. Layla is, of course, the key to causing or preventing an apocalypse and she is very confused about her feelings and playing both sides – demon and wardan. Her family has kept secrets from her, but she doesn’t know if she can give in to the dark and trust a demon. No ones motivations for getting this ancient book or keeping her alive are clear. Which could be the point, but nothing felt resolved at the end, it was just very confusing. I would love to say it’s part of a bigger plan, but it wasn’t super well executed.

My real problem is that I’m tired of the whole virginity trope. It was over done and when a group of old men are discussing a teen girl’s status i’m creeped out. Apocalypse or no, this is gross. Don’t even get me started on the bars on the windows.

I read this book so quickly and really enjoyed it because the characters are so much fun. A good demon? Gargoyles? JLA always gives me a story that I can’t put down and this was no exception. Her characters keep me coming back for more every time.

Have you read White Hot Kiss? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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