The Shadows Between Us | Book Review

Standalone | 326 Pages | 2020

The Shadows Between Us at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: My Slytherin Queen
  • Dude: Tall Dark and murdery
  • Steaminess: In the Shadows
  • Brutality: I learned how to hide a body


Wow, this is an adorable book. Maybe not adorable. Plotting, twisting, and deadly book.
But I love it.
Levenseller calls it a Slytherin romance and begins with a quote from Damon Salvatore.. So I’m IN.
Alessandra is a bad b*tch and wants to take over the kingdom. To do this, she needs to make the Shadow King fall in love with her and marry her.
And then she needs to kill him.
Simple right?
Alessandra was a really fun character to read. Is she a good person? Probably not. Did I still love her and want her to get everything her greedy little hands could get? Yes. Absolutely. I want her on my end of the world team.
This girl can plot and deceive like it’s second nature.
My favorite parts of this book were when she shut down her ridiculous father. He tries to marry her off to practically everyone and will not listen when she says she will handle things. Oh how she handles things.

Alessandra will marry The Shadow King or die trying. Literally. I enjoyed their romance quite a bit since it was so far outside of your stereotypical romance. It was cute and deadly and everything I needed.
My only complaint is kind of silly, but Alessandra is very vocal about freedom of sexuality and that women should be as free as men with their bodies. 100% YES. I love this message. BUT, she talks about sex a lot. How much she misses it and how she feels about the men. And then when the moment came… CUT TO BLACK.
I’m not asking for an explicit scene, but I felt a little cheated. Not every books need that scene, but so much time was devoted to the subject that it felt out of place to cut to black the way it did.

Other than that, this book was perfect and amazing and everyone should read it.

Have you read The Shadows Between Us? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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