House of Earth & Blood | Book Review

Crescent City #1 | 803 Pages | 2020

House of Earth & Blood at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Heroine: Every basic bitch but better
  • Dude: Cue my Not Impressed face
  • Steaminess: Less than ACOTAR surprisingly
  • Brutality: Ripped into clumps… ew

Pairs Well With

Boxed wine for Power Hour


Oh boy. We all know that SJM is one of my favorite authors so of course I was stoked to read her newest book. This book is always going to hold a special place for me because I read it in the hospital when my newborn was sent in for temperature issues. Two days in the hospital freaking out was much better for me when I could disappear into this world.

So what did I really think?

I LOVED this book. It’s engaging and hilarious, while addressing the serious issues that SJM usually brings up. Yes, we joke about the Males and Females and lots of people like to shit on SJM, but those things aside, she addresses serious issues in her books. From PTSD to grief to drug usage, we see Bryce deal with real life problems and she gives us hope that we can come out the other side.

The Info Dump is Real

My biggest issue with this book, and many agree from what I can see, is that there is a GIANT info dump in the first 50 pages. Honestly, I started writing down definitions. This book could seriously benefit from a glossary. We get too much terminology without reference and have to piece it together. If you push through, it does all come together, so it’s not a huge deal if you don’t get the terms, but it is confusing and kind of frustrating. I ended up texting my list of definitions and links to my friends so that they didn’t have to deal with this.

Bryce is possibly my favorite heroine ever

Let’s be clear. I’m 100% team Celaena Sardothien, but Bryce is like me 5 years ago. She parties, she flirts, she is a little more extreme than I ever was, but she likes to wear heels when they don’t make sense AND she likes history and reading. She is a party girl/basic bitch, but *gasp* she is also smart! I love that she isn’t the typical introverted character, but she still has depth and sass.

…There’s nothing wrong with a party girl. I don’t get why the world thinks there is…Its easier for me—when people assume the worst about what I am. It lets me see who they really are.

SJM makes fun of herself.

There are a few paragraphs where she makes fun of “alphaholes” which are basically all of her main male characters. Having seen her speak in person, I can say that she is 100% a person who can take a joke and joke around about herself. I love that Maas made fun of her characters with commentary from critics. I laughed so hard.

Your favorite hobbies are brooding, fighting, and roaring; you’ve perfected about thirty different types of snarls and growls; you’ve got a cabal of hot friends, and the moment one of you mates, the others fall like dominoes, too, and gods help you when you all start having babies-

No Supernatural Left Out

You want angels? You get them. Mermaids? Have a dose of sexy and dangerous. Otters to deliver you letters? The adorableness is real.

You basically get every type of supernatural that you may want. Sure, it’s a lot, but they work well together. This is fantasy – let there be supernaturals!

I want a bigger map

My only other complaint is that I want a more extended map. The world is more complex than just Crescent City so I think we need to see where it is overall. Different territories are spoken about where war is raging, but all we get is Crescent City/Lunathion. I wonder if this tells us about the series as a whole since the series title is Crescent City… are we never going to see the other parts of this territory or others?

I want the next book NOW

Or at least sometime in 2021. I worry that we won’t get the second book for years since Bloomsbury has delayed her books on repeat. At her Kingdom of Ash tour she mentioned that she was done with HOEAB so I assume that the delay to publishing had a lot to do with releasing those Throne of Glass miniatures that were AWFUL. With the industry postponing books due to Covid-19, I wonder if they will speed up the larger name books just to funnel in some income to support smaller books.

Either way, I am so excited to continue this series because I AM OBSESSED.

Have you read House of Earth and Blood? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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3 thoughts on “House of Earth & Blood | Book Review

  1. That is a ton of supernaturals! Everyone keeps talking about the insane amount of info dumping so I’m nervous. Also why is this LESS steamy than ACOTAR? They sold that series as YA. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so worth it if you make it past the info dumps. I know a few people who have made glossaries and definitions to help if you want.
      And I think the steam is more appropriate here than ACOTAR which was a fail on Bloomsbury for marketing as YA in my opinion. It just fits with the romance and storyline to have less steam for HOEAB.


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