A Conjuring of Light | Book Review

Shades of Magic #3 | 624 Pages | 2017

A COnjuring of Light at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Heroine: Reckless goals
  • Dude: Emo prince for the win
  • Steaminess: He could teach me those spells
  • Brutality: Turned to ash

Pairs Well With

Just save a shot of whiskey for the last 100 pages



Okay, i’m being dramatic, but honestly I have so many feelings. This book is perfect and beautiful and all of the dark and twisty adventure that I needed. I land fully on the “I Love V.E. Schwab” team, so this is going to be a review full of my nonsensical love rave.

Rhy watched his brother move toward her as naturally as if the world had simply tipped. For Kell, apparently, it had.

First, I have to talk about Kell. He was in a very precarious situation at the end of A Gathering of Shadows with the whole “evil shadow god taking over Red London and leaving Kell to die cut off from his magic.” Of course, so was Rhy as their lives are tied together. But Kell just wants to save the world and be grumpy and take care of his brother. And now, Lila. He seems to love adopting wild and unpredictable people and then repeatedly saving them. But in this book, we finally see what happens when he snaps. When Kell is doing everything he can to hold it together and realizes that it’s not going to be enough. He has to let others help him. I love this man and he is now top 5 book boyfriends for me.

“My Name is Lila Bard,” she answered, drawing her favorite knife, “and I don’t give a damn.”

Now, our lovely heroine Lila who made us crazy in GOS. She is still grieving, but she learns how to channel that grief into being productive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in her nature to fly off the handle, but she doesn’t repeatedly make insane decisions. Lila has grown and learned that it’s okay to love people and be invested in them, even if it hurts sometimes. Plus, she is snarky and hilarious of course.

“I’m here now,” echoed Rhy, twinning his fingers through Alucard’s. “And I’m not letting go, so don’t you dare.”

The mini drama of Rhy and Alucard continues and I’m here for it. These two deserve happiness! Especially my baby Rhy. Now, he makes a ridiculous error at the end, but again, these books deal with grief and the bad decisions we can make in the face of that. I think I connect with them because the characters make mistakes and rash decisions, much like us meager humans. Rhy steps up in this installment and I’m so proud of him. *heart eyes*

The Maresh brothers basically own my soul now. I’m a sucker for siblings who love each other and these two just slay me. They might even be my favorite siblings of all time.

“Life isn’t made of choices,” said Holland. “It’s made of trades. Some are good, some are bad, but they all have a cost.”

While I truly enjoyed Holland’s character growth, I didn’t feel like the book hinged around it. I have seen reviews that said the entire book was solid because of him and I didn’t find that to be true for me. Yes, it was a great character arc, absolutely I love Holland’s grumpiness. But did it make or break the book? Not for me. I was so invested in all of the characters and the heaps of action that while I love Holland as a character, he wasn’t my main focus.

I do agree that I wanted to know about how Kell and Lila became what they are. I want their history so badly it hurts, but I think Schwab was planning some time of spinoff – Kell and Lila adventure story and I’m ready for that 100%.

The action was REAL compared to GOS. There were reveals that had me SHOOK and fight scenes that had me freaking the freak out. It’s a long book, but it flies by with everything happening and the serious investment in the characters. I just loved this book so much and I hope you all love it too!

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4 thoughts on “A Conjuring of Light | Book Review

  1. I haven’t read this one yet…. But I can see that you have given this 5 stars….. So I will definitely read it!!! Amazing review…. Just followed you!! Keep posting wonderful blogs…


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