You Are Not Alone | Book Review

Standalone | 343 Pages | 2020

You Are Not Alone at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★1/2
  • Hero: Is she lonely or panicking?
  • Twists: Small Pivots keeping you guessing
  • Creepiness: More of a twisted sister vibe a la Grey’s Anatomy
  • Brutality: Does dry blood count?

Pairs Well With

An extra gingery Moscow Mule

So this review is brought to you by my dear friend Kelsey! She LOVES thrillers and has an amazing review for you all to read.

I also want to mention that I got this audio book on Libro.FM which is an amazing audiobook service that works directly with your local indie bookstore!


Ok, I read The Wife Between us first, and LOVED it. I was super pumped then to read An Anonymous Girl, and felt disappointed. You Are Not Alone brought me back on Team Greer/Sarah.
Like the other books by this author pair, the story is told from a few different female perspectives, mainly Shay Miller (our heroine?) and Cassandra and Jane Moore, sisters who are too beautiful for words. Without giving too much away, Shay’s first chapter includes a life changing event that gets her wrapped up with the Moore Sisters and their merry band of twisted girlfriends. 
Starting with a subway suicide, the story revolves around how the sisters and Shay are wrapped up in a much larger story that spaws from a chance encounter. 

The story is told from multiple perspectives as the lines get even more crossed between Shay and the Moore Sisters, and is also told in past and present perspectives. This works well in expanding the story while also only giving you juuuuussst enough information to keep you on your toes.
One of the biggest takeaways for me from this story was the idea of loneliness; as Shay is befriended by the Moore Sisters she realizes how lonely she was before them. I read this book during COVID-19, stranded at home with my husband and dog, and that feeling of loneliness was a bit more palpable than it normally would have been for me. Are we really lonely and isolated when we have only a few friends, or can we be surrounded by people and still feel lonely and completely isolated? Can it all be too good to be true sometimes?
Overall, I liked this book and I really like this writing style. The change in timeline along with speaker helps to expand the story in a suspenseful way, and I was excited to keep picking up the book when I had time for it. I still think The Wife Between Us is the best of this author pair’s body of work, but this is a decent second.

Have you read You Are Not Alone? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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