Kings of the Wyld | Book Review

The Band #1 | 502 Pages | 2017

Kings of the Wyld at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Hero: Reliving the “Good ole days”
  • Hilarity: I snorted once or twice
  • Steaminess: Only in reference
  • Brutality: Meh

Pairs Well With

Anything in a beer stein


Well this was hilarious. I was nervous to read a fantasy about a bunch of 50 year old men reliving the “Good ole Days,” but was impressed by the inclusiveness and pure entertainment factor of The Band. 

After twenty or so years of retirement from his monster-hunting days, Clay is approached by his old friend Gabriel with a mission. Gabriel is extremely worse for wear, but is desperate to save his daughter who has gotten herself into a tiny bit of trouble (a.k.a. She is under siege by a giant horde of monsters). Clay is not excited about leaving his wife and child to go to certain death in the woods, but his baby daughter convinces him to go ahead on this mission because if it were her in trouble, Clay would stop at nothing.

So Clay and Gabe head out to find the rest of their ex-band who have found themselves in strange situations since retirement. Moog, a sorcerer, is hell-bent on finding a cure for The Rot, which stole his husband from him too soon. Matrick is king, but his wife has forced him to raise her children (all of which have different fathers and are the by-product of affairs) all while trying to murder him in his sleep. Literally. Ganelon is actually living as a petrified rock, a curse from killing some prince that he apparently should not have killed. 

As we follow Clay and Gabe on their way to find their friends and get this mission underway, we meet some fun characters like Lady Jane and her band of arrows. These ladies are awesome and are constantly robbing Clay, while also befriending him. This makes me think that things are really not going to go well for the Band.

I liked that no monster is off limits for this book. From Chimera to Wyverns to trolls and cannibals, fantasy is fantasy and there are no rules or exclusions. Flying ships? SURE. Magic zombies/revenants? WHY NOT? Interdimensional elves? ADD THOSE IN. Eames had to have truly enjoyed creating this book because there are no rules and it works.

Even though we have nonstop action and tons of fantastical moments, the book actually seems to focus on the friendships and lives of these men. I came to love each of them as they fought their personal demons and pushed through adversity. What I really enjoyed was that they were loveable goofs. They aren’t misogynistic like so many fantasy men are and they have a healthy dose of fear and respect for the women in their lives. Yes, they refer to when they were young and got up to who knows what, but Clay’s love and respect for his wife is amazing to see. Matrick truly loves his children, even though they aren’t biologically his, and Moog is trying to save the world from the terrible disease that killed his husband.

They are lovable and hilarious and I highly suggest this book!

Have you read Kings of the Wyld? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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