Destroy Me | Mini Book Review

Shatter Me #1.5 | 109 Pages | 2012

Destroy Me at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★
  • Dude: I love socks too
  • Steaminess: Only in his head
  • Brutality: That family!


Here we go down this insane man’s brain… This novella is from Warner’s perspective. After Shatter Me I was actually really happy to see the POV of the villain. Warner seemed to have the most dimension in the last book so I was ready to see things in his eyes.

Nope, I wasn’t. Unfortunately, the point of the novella is to show you everything you didn’t see, but suspected. It completely dismantles what you thought he did that was bad and paints him in this heroic light. I expected this, but honestly, I kind of wanted a TRUE villain redemption arc. Not a “you think i’m evil, but I didn’t actually do those things SURPRISE I’M GOOD!”

I was disappointed to be honest. Plus, I can’t just ignore the blatant stalking that is happening! Not only did he watch her count for 5 hours… I mean that is batshit enough, but he searches through Juliette’s things, reads her private thoughts. And all of this is done “because he loves her.”

I call bullshit. This is stalking and abuse. It’s a huge violation of privacy and no amount of “love” is going to make me think otherwise.

Verdict: Juliette is better off single.

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3 thoughts on “Destroy Me | Mini Book Review

  1. Dude: I love socks too

    I died lmao
    But yea, I agree. It seemed like Mafi just wanted to pivot completely from what she did in the first book and it felt really lazy. None of the justification makes any sense… if what he claimed was true, he’d have said the truth from the beginning. I call bullshit.

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