Aurora Rising | Book Review

The Aurora Cycle #1 | 473 Pages | 2019

Aurora Rising at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Squad Goals: The best dysfunctional family
  • Adventure: Surprise! You are heading nowhere
  • Steaminess: *yawn
  • Brutality: Exploding bodies

Pairs Well With

Pop rocks and soda


I think the definition of insanity is reading multiple Jay Kristoff books and expecting a different result. There will be fakeouts. There will be blood. There will be heartbreak. People are gonna die.

I’m obsessed with squad 312. It’s official. After The Illuminae Files, I wasn’t sure Amie and Jay could pull off another sci-fi that lived up to the hype. True, this story is more straightforward and we get to meet the whole gang all at once, but it didn’t take away from the overall enjoyment for me.

What surprised me was that I like Aurora the least. It’s not that she is annoying or anything, but the other characters are all so dynamic that they overshadow her for the majority of the book. I’m not even complaining though. Right from the start I got Ezra vibes from Tyler, but Tyler Jones turns out to be a bit more dynamic and in charge. I wanted to reach in and throttle him a few times, but hey, I think that’s okay.

Finn, the snarky gearhead, is probably my second-favorite of the bunch. He is hilarious and truly helps the pacing and feel of the book. Honestly, I love the sarcasm, we know this, but Finn just amplified all of the humor. Which is NECESSARY when you are in an action-packed fight for your life type of scenario. I desperately need him and Scarlet, Tyler’s twin, to be a thing. If they don’t find a way to each other then i’m just not gonna make it folks.

Lastly, I would like to nod to my dramatic AF sky elf, Kal. Just because you’re gorgeous doesn’t mean you get to be a brat all the time dude. Well… maybe a little. I’m really interested in his past and the role that will play moving forward. Plus… man gives a good speech.

“But they have not seen their sun die. Their people burn. Their world end. And they do not know, yet, that there are some breaks that cannot be fixed.”

As far as plot goes, it’s mostly a “run from everyone and just try to stay alive” situation. There will be tons of nuance as we move through the storyline I know, but for the most part… It’s not that deep. Squad 312 is trying not to die and to figure out what the heck is even after them.

The writing is high quality, though it doesn’t follow the clip and text format of Illuminae Files. If you didn’t like that, then this book is great for you. if you did love that, well, it’s still a really fun story!

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7 thoughts on “Aurora Rising | Book Review

  1. Omg yaas, reading your review makes me wanna re-read AR now coz it’s just so amazing. I also didn’t think I could love a group of misfits so much after Illuminae but I shouldn’t expect any diff from all Kristoff and Kaufman books by now 😂 I also agree with you about Auri. I didn’t dislike her but compared to the others she wasn’t as dynamic. Really keen to see what happens next though 😍 Great review!

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  2. Great review, Jess! I love love LOVED Finn so much, he is totally my favorite and I adore him. I actually agree about Aurora, and the whole romance thing dragged my enjoyment of the book down, but I liked what was set up for the second book overall, so I can’t wait until next month!


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