Sunday Snooze | February 16, 2020

It’s an extremely foggy day in Houston and i’m all in for it. I had a better week, but honestly, the back pain and kicking from the baby is REAL. I want to say a giant THANK YOU to all of you who have sent kind messages, it’s been much appreciated. That said, I am loving my reads this week!

2020 GOALS

I love what I’m reading, but I haven’t read a lot… EEK. I’m a bit behind so hopefully I can catch up on some things in the second half of the month. I also got an ARC of The Faithless Hawk, so i’m losing my mind with excitement!

Books I finished

This was a really dark read. If you are in the mood for high fantasy and little romance it may be perfect for you!

This Week’s Favorite Things

I have been trying to be more conscious of where I buy my products from. The “vote with your dollar” concept. In looking for cruelty free makeup and beauty products, Teagan told me to check out Leaping Bunny. They have an iphone app that will let you quickly look up brands that don’t do animal testing!

Secondly, my emo heart is so happy to link this gorgeous video. If you like the Phantom of the Opera movie then these vibes will get to you.

Last Week on the Blog

Reviews when up for Serpent & Dove and The Unwilling.

I posted about Fuckboys I Love and My Favorite Literary Romances.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments!

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