Favorite Literary Romances

I will be honest, I’m surprised that the twitter poll wanted love instead of my most hated literary couples. But, it was a tight race, so maybe you will get those too! Here are my favorite couples of all time.

Wuthering Heights – Cathy Linton & Hareton Earnshaw

This romance is the shining star of this book for me. I love how dark and exhausting Catherine and Heathcliff are, but what they have is also a dark and exhausting love. Cathy Linton’s snobbishness masks her love for Hareton out of a survival instinct. Let’s face it, Heathcliff makes Hareton’s life miserable out of spite for Hareton’s father Hindley. But through all of the crazy and cruelty of this story, we end up with Cathy and Hareton happy at the end. Love these two.

Throne of Glass – Rowan and Aelin

Probably my all-time OTP if i’m honest. If anyone deserves to be happy it’s these two. They are two of the most kickass characters, but are definitely not perfect. ALSO, they just love each other, we don’t get stuck in relationship drama. The world is falling apart and they come together instead of manufacturing fights over petty things.

Shadowhunters – Will, Tessa and Jem

I debated my Shadowhunter ship. We all know I die for Emma and Julian, but these three are my favorite because they were groundbreaking. CC has said that they were supposed to be a thruple, but fans weren’t ready yet. I think with all of the additional stories (SA, Bane etc.) we know that Will and Jem loved each other much deeper than any parabatai relationship. I ship them all together or not at all.

Dance of Thieves – Kazi and JAse

Bouquets of oranges all around! I love a good enemies to lovers, feisty couple and these two win on all counts. I just squeal when I think about them and now I have to go reread both books. But honestly, if you haven’t read about these two then you need to because you are missing out on Mafia boss and spy girl and that is JUST A SHAME!

Who are your favorite literary relationships? Let me know in the comments!


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