The Hollow | Book Review

Sign of Seven #2 | 392 Pages | 2019

The Hollow at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★
  • Heroine: Her mind compartments are from the container store
  • Dude: Watch a romcom bro
  • Steaminess: Ooh la la!
  • Brutality: See CW below…

Pairs Well With

Miller Lite


CW: Rape, assault, suicide, murder and probably everything else you can think of.

Okay, I have to be honest. This book didn’t creep me out near as much as the first. Don’t get me wrong, we had dead animal bodies floating, snakes coming out of water pipes and the creepy little boy with claws was back. But, I wasn’t actually scared by these things due to the pacing.

From the beginning, Fox and Layla were posed to be the two most sensible and level-headed of the group of six. This made all of the contention and fights between them feel very forced. Layla blew up for very little reason and Fox just made some dumbass man mistakes which she forgave very easily. 

“No, and right now I’m saying you have a big overreact button, and your finger’s stuck on it.”

Sir, you did NOT just tell her she was overreacting. Has this man never seen a romcom in his life?!

While we know this horrible evil thing is taking over the town and Fox surely experiences it firsthand, he is 100% set on boning Layla and keeping her in the Hollow vs fighting the thing. He would also like to never tell her about his dead ex-girlfriend who committed suicide because of this creature, which is probably something  you should disclose before trying to start a stable and longterm relationship. Just maybe. I wasn’t sold on Fox and his tendency to go super stereotypical, protective male.

I wanted to love Layla. I understood her. I was behind her in her moments of outrage (VALID.) But, she spent so much time weighing options and thinking that my libra soul didn’t connect. I appreciate her using her brain and researching and just trying to be a normal human in a crappy situation, but she didn’t use her words for like half of the book. I wanted more time in her head.

So while Fox and Layla are doing circles around each other, 100% of the evil-fighting was done by queen Cybil in the background. The entire reason I want to read book 3 is because this girl is going to be FIRE. She casually stands up and shoots the evil thing. Calm as can be. She even took herself away from her all day research sessions to do this. AND she comes up with the ritual for the end all by herself. She is snarky and smart and I’m pretty excited to real The Pagan Stone just so that I can see her put Gage in his place. If a guy EVER says “You’re not my type.” Just take that as a giant neon sign that says “I am totally into you, but terrified of you and so I am going to put you down as a way to make you think you aren’t good enough for me.” It’s bullshit mindgames and it’s old.

I’m ready for book three and to be freaked out some more, but I need it to be more like book one!

Have you read The Hollow? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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