All the Stars and Teeth | Book Review

All the Stars and Teeth #1 | 384 Pages | Feb 4, 2020

All the Stars and teeth at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★1/2
  • Heroine: Just don’t let her near a fire!
  • Dude: Swaggering pirates are the best *sigh*
  • Steaminess: Not too much, but just right
  • Brutality: I mean… ew. Seriously…ew.


“Perhaps a monster is exactly what this kingdom needs.”

Pirates? Yes please! I have been looking for a fantastic pirate book. I’m not sure this was the best I have ever read, but it was a really fun adventure on the high seas. Escaping prisoners, fighting sea creatures and even a feisty mermaid. So why was this a 3 1/2 for me? I’m going to break this one down into what I loved and what I didn’t.

Things I LOVED

Female Power – There is certainly no lack of badass women in this book. Amora is FIERCE and I really enjoyed her character. And who wouldn’t love a mob boss called Barracuda Shanty? Honestly, she was my fav. Then we are blessed with the magical and gorgeous Vataea. Mermaids who eat your heart out? This book brings female power and I was here for it.

I’ve a collection of men who I intend to repay for how generous they were to me… Dismemberment for anyone who ever tried to touch me. The tongue flayed from those with wicked mouths. And the hearts eaten from any man who’s ever told me to smile.”

The incomparable Vataea

It’s fast paced – You will not be bored while reading this. I went through it pretty quickly and didn’t set it down much. Tons of action around every corner and beautiful scenery to go with it. The setting of the islands is really fun and there is a gorgeous map to go along with. I saw this on Adalyn Grace’s twitter and it’s awesome to get your bearings. I love maps.

I loved Amora’s crazy magic. I can’t even talk about it here because you just have to experience it in the book.

Overall, the book is really well written. The language flows, everything makes sense and isn’t forced. Honestly, it’s just a well put together story.

Okay, so why is it a 3 1/2?

The magic makes sense, but only after a lot of explanation. It’s not even very complicated, but I think that in order to avoid an info dump, the author tried to lace in subtle hints of the different magics… So it took a while to figure them all out.

The terrible parents YA trope. I’m over lying parents as a plot point. The whole “you are taking over the country, but I have been lying to you about everything” story has been done too many times for me. It worked in this book, but it made the story feel too familiar. Like I had read it before. This was my biggest disappointment and I think it’s what stole the fourth star from the story for me personally.


I highly suggest you check out this book if you love some good old pirate adventures and serious female power!

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