Spin the Dawn | Book Review

The Blood of Stars #1 | 392 Pages | 2019

Spin the Dawn at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: Finally she showed us her personality
  • Dude: Creepy, but in a good way
  • Steaminess: I’m not sure what that was
  • Brutality: Down with the Patriarchy!


I finally got around to reading this one. It has been recommended to me by a lot of people and two of my best book friends who raved about how pretty this book is. And it is. It’s gorgeous in lots of ways. It’s hyped as Project Runway meets Mulan, which sounds pretty amazing. Basically, I was ready to fall head over heels in this story. 

I did not. And I’m really sad about that. This is a good story. It’s not a mind-blowing one for me personally. So, there will be some spoilers below because there are a few things I HAVE to rant about and there are plenty of things that I did really love. 

Things I loved:

The setting. What a beautiful world! From the sea to the mountains and dessert, I feel the love and the culture. It’s a world rich in folklore and each land has their own gods.

Maia’s dad and brothers. Can we just say YAY for an awesome parent in a YA novel really quick? A parent who supports their child and helps them out? This is a miracle and I am here for it. He is even a recovering alcoholic who loves his children and realized his problem and addressed it. Progress people. Progress in YA. I’m sad that I didn’t get more time with her brothers because I love them all so much.

The concept of the whole tailor competition. It’s fresh and fun and I loved that it was a fashion contest instead of a save-the-world thing. But, it did decrease the stakes to be honest.

The quests for the magical items. I love quests and I was all for her to get the heck out of that palace because I was bored to death by 50%. Yes, go across the desert and bring back some sunshine. This is the magic I need in my life.

The twist at the end. This is where the fourth star was earned. Up until about 80% through the book, it was sitting at a 3 star for me. But the twist at the end? I give that a star all on it’s own.

Things that were too much:

The pacing felt extremely rushed for not a lot actually happening. The first half of the book felt like a 12 year old telling me a story. “And then, and then, and then.” The exposition was needed, but I felt like Maia just sat and downloaded her entire brain to me. I would have gotten much more from her character if that had come through a conversation with Edan than a few chapters of biography. If he had probed and she had told him a story of Sendo instead. It opened the book on a super sad note and stole from character development.

Too many overly cheesy lines for my taste. I typed “gag” more times than I ever should. Maia and Edan are acquaintances that could be friends in the first half of the book. He is kind of creepy with his ominous vibes, but I like a character who could be good or bad and we don’t know. Where I have a problem is the romance that was shoved into the second half of the book and overtook EVERYTHING. The quests that were actually really awesome in set-up seriously suffered under the kisses and angst and sugary sweet lines.

“Then again, none of the girls were you.” 

Someone get me a barf bag.

Like I said above, if Maia had used that background to actually talk to Edan, I would have been more on board with the romance. As things are… It went 0-60 way too fast.

Have you read Spin the Dawn? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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10 thoughts on “Spin the Dawn | Book Review

  1. You just described my exact reading experience. I really wanted to love Spin the dawn – and I did. It just wasn’t mind-blowing, as you put it. The pacing was 100% off but I could have given it 4 stars on the setting alone. I’m hoping that Unravel the Dusk will push my rating up. Great review! ❤

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