Sunday Snooze | January 19, 2020

What a crazy week! I finally read one of my most anticipated books from last year and wow. I was missing out. Sometimes hyped books are hyped for a reason! I’m excited to share some new stuff with you all this week as well as mailing out a bunch of stuff for Flapping Pages!

2020 GOALS

My goals are to get through my owned TBR and only buy 1 book per 5 owned I have read. So far, there have been no purchases. Not even a pre-order! 

As far as reading goals… slowly chipping away.

Books I finished

I’m obsessed with this crew! Review to come.

This Week’s Favorite Things

I bought this t-shirt off of Blissfully Bookish and I cannot wait for it to come in! I liked Wicked Saints, but I’m so into this metal looking book tee. It will pair well with all of my combat boots and maybe now my giant maternity leggings lol.

Last Week on the Blog

I reviewed a YA historical horror book Blood Countess and The Bane Chronicles about everyone’s favorite Warlock.

This week I talked about my favorite ways to Break a Book Slump and went into how we look at book tags and why content creators aren’t getting the credit they deserve.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments!

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