Let’s Talk About Book Tags…

So I had a book tag planned today, but when I went to get the links, I decided not to do this particular tag. It was a fun one that a friend had tagged me in and I was actually super excited about it.

But I couldn’t find the original tag creator.

I went down a link trail at least five sites deep to where a blogger said they had “seen the tag” but didn’t tag the creator. So I decided to call it quits.

Lots of tags have that Rules section where you link to the creator. Many don’t. I don’t know if they got lost along the way or if we are inadvertently stealing content by not tagging them. Not maliciously. Just in an “I didn’t know” kind of way.

But Jess, it’s a tag, it’s meant to go on forever and it doesn’t matter.

Yes, that’s true, but they also take time to create, with the intent that they are fun and then the creator gets links back and traffic driven to their site. There is a reason that big meme creators go to the trouble of hosting and coming up with content ideas for the memes.

It’s to drive traffic and up your views. Tags do the same thing for the creators.

When we don’t link the original creator, not only are they not receiving credit, they aren’t getting the traffic. These take time and energy to create. Yes, they are fun, but also, give credit where credit is due. Something about it just kind of upset me today.

Then we get into the artwork that comes with tags.

Sometimes the artwork or header photo is custom and sometimes it’s not. Many tag creators want you to use their header, but plenty don’t because it’s branded to their page.

There is a really weird line and no official rules, so ask the OG creator if you aren’t sure about using the headers or graphics. People are super nice and will probably respond and let you know one way or the other.

I’m not saying i’m innocent of this. I’m sure if I go through my old posts, I did a tag without the original creator linked. A year and a half ago, when we started this blog I never would have realized the time and effort that goes into these.

And no one told me the rules.

I don’t mean to sound like i’m scolding because I’m actually just trying to bring this to attention. Many new and older bloggers may not have thought twice about this. But, if it were your tag that you created…. and no one gave you credit… Doesn’t that make you feel bad? It’s your content and idea, so let’s try to source these things even if they are all just for fun.

What do you think about tags? Let me know in the comments!


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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Book Tags…

  1. If I ever do a tag where I can’t figure out who the creator is I always make it a point to put in the post that I couldn’t find who the creator was and I ask if anyone knows who created the tag to please let me know so I can link them.

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    This is one of my biggest pet peeves, and partly why I do tags so infrequently now. Last year, I hunted for hours to find the originator of a tag and followed the trail all the way back to 2011. The bookish community is so kind about credit in most instances, but there have been a lot of people lately just being like “I wasn’t tagged but I saw this somewhere and had to do it” and didn’t even link to where they saw it. And don’t link to the OG. Or list the rules. Which is just yikes forever.


  3. Yes, I agree! It really bothers me when people don’t credit other bloggers – especially when they don’t even link back to a tag that they took the time to create. Like you said I’m sure we’re all guilty of this, but I don’t like not giving credit where credit is due.

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  4. You make some excellent points. For me, whenever I’m tagged in something, I usually go to the post where I was tagged, and copy/paste everything into a blank post. If someone doesn’t get credit, then it’s easy-peasy to delete everything and then create a different post.

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