Blood Countess | Book Review

A Lady Slayers Novel | 320 Pages | Jan 28, 2020

Blood Countess at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: Comes around in the end
  • Villain: It’s called BLOOD COUNTESS
  • Steaminess: Off-page
  • Brutality: It’s bad folks

Pairs Well With

A bathtub full of wine… boxed wine.


TW: Literally all of them. Abuse, torture, rape, domestic abuse, mind fuckery, bathing in blood.

I would like to thank Amulet Books for giving me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

The writing is unbelievably gorgeous. Popović has a way with words, that is for certain. The language is animated and fluid, reeling you in and making you feel as though you are in a fairytale. 

But friends, this is no fairytale.

I don’t read much horror, if any really. Simply because I don’t like being scared. This book will not scare you, but you may have some serious nightmares from the sheer insanity of it all. It begins dark and progresses into a place of nightmares, but it’s a slow slide. For a relatively short book, I was impressed with the way that Popović showed us this gradual progression of Anna and Elizabeth’s relationship.

Anna is the local midwife’s daughter and is well versed in herbs and tonics. Some call her a witch, but truly she engineers herbal remedies for birth control *gasp*, headaches and sickness. The villagers seem to appreciate and not fear her, which makes her name known to the new Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Soon, Anna finds herself working in the castle and becomes determined to be a chambermaid to the new Countess. This will secure her family the funds they need to live without starving and scraping by.

Anna finds herself witness to some SERIOUSLY horrific acts by the Count and Countess. The two are cruel and torture their staff at the drop of a hat. But Anna, knowing the Countess as she does, decides that it is truly the Count’s fault and if he were out of the way, Elizabeth would be free and no longer a cruel person. 

Oh sweet summer child Anna. She is so blind to what is truly going on. Part of me hurts for her because toxic relationships blind you to reality. She is a great example of not only grooming, but a mentally abusive relationship. As a survivor of a mentally abusive relationship, my heart bled for her. But I also wanted to scream WAKE UP at her the entire time. I know that is useless and that so many others did, but ugh. It’s always hard to watch these things unravel.

This book is gorgeous and grotesque, but it is also powerful. If you can handle the triggers, and there are many, then I highly suggest checking this out. A historic serial killer book doesn’t come along often enough!

Have you read Blood Countess? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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