Christmas 2019 Book Haul

Because of my new Bookish Resolutions, this will probably be the only big haul for the year. Technically, these were Christmas presents so they don’t even count towards 2020. But I wanted to list all of the amazing gifts that I received from my friends and family.


This is probably not the greatest picture, but I was just trying to get this post up quickly. I’m so excited about these and I have already blazed through Serpent & Dove and loved every minute of it!

Teagan got me Crown of Midnight and Queen of Shadows to finish off my SJM hardback collection. I have them all on kindle so I was slowly buying the hardbacks when they went on sale or were on Book Outlet.

You Think You Know Me is a true crime story about Herb Baumeister and I’m so excited to jump on in to that one. Thanks to Dev for sending that gem!

And now I can finally finish up all of my reading for Chain of Gold because Kelsey got me Ghosts of the Shadow Market! I’m also secretly proud of her for buying me “one of those swords and fairies books.” lol

Fun Stuff

I also got some amazing stickers and this book beau from @ReadbyDev. I’m obsessed with the skulls and love this thing so much. It’s from Fandom Sleeves if you are curious and want to check it out. I think she even has a code up on her Instagram!

My dearest husband got me a bunch of mermaid style bathbombs and candles for my quiet reading time. Plus some amazing llama socks that I NEED to do a photoshoot with. One of these days I may get back into a place where I have time for Instagram again and when I do, I have some awesome stuff.

Secret Stuff

I have truly been debating whether or not to share this news with the world for many reasons. I do like to keep things private and we have faced a pretty uphill battle to make this happen. In March we will be welcoming a son to our family and I can’t begin to explain how happy/scared/excited/nervous I am.

It’s a surreal experience for us and we are still facing plenty of obstacles with the pregnancy. So I may be in and out over the next few months, but I love this community and wanted to share my joy with all of you.

What were your favorite gifts from 2019? Let me know in the comments!

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28 thoughts on “Christmas 2019 Book Haul

  1. 1. Omggggg those baby onesies are the cutest things to exist ever
    2. A warm congratulations and welcome to your son (who ik hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s getting close!). I pray that it’s a safe and close to pain-free experience as you can get… is this your first child?


  2. Congratulations, doll! What fantastic news! Wishing you all the health and happiness as you bring this little new reader into the world 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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