End of the Year Book Tag

Thanks to my twin Sibby for tagging me in this one. I’m a little late, but I think I can squeeze in some answers anyway.

Are There Any Books You Started This Year That You Need to Finish?

So many, but mostly I need to finish Woven in Moonlight.

Do You Have an Autumnal Book to Transition into the End of the Year?

Not really. I didn’t plan a big end of the decade book. It’s just whatever my mood is.

Is There a New Release That You’re Still Waiting For?

I haven’t read Queen of Nothing, The Vanishing Stair or Lady Smoke, so I am disappointed about not getting to those.

What Are Three Books You Want to Read before the End of the Year?

Haha well the year is over so I guess this doesn’t apply

Is There a Book You Think Could Still Shock You and Become a Favourite of the Year?

Nothing shocked me to beat out Kingsbane.

Have You Already Started Making Reading Plans for 2020?

I have most of next year planned out to read my owned TBR. It’s probably not going to happen that I finish them all, but who knows!

What were your favorites from 2019? Let me know in the comments!

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