Scavenge the Stars | Book Review

Scavenge the Stars #1 | 336 Pages | Jan 7, 2020

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Scavenge the Stars at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: Vengence is HERS
  • Dude: Future Project Runway winner
  • Steaminess: MUDFIGHT
  • Brutality: I prefer my eyes in my head… not a jar

Pairs Well With

Privateer’s Revenge

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  • 12 oz Amaro Montenegro
  • 14 oz Noilly Prat Dry
  • 14 oz Bénédictine
  • Angostura bitters
  • Peychauds Bitters


I received a free copy of this book on Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

“Every man carries his sins a different way.”

You had me at Count of Monte Cristo retelling. I love that story (not the movie version, but the entire plotting thing). If you have read it, then you know that Edmond Dantes escapes a prison and returns home posing as a count to seek his revenge. It’s an incredible intricate and intense story. So when I heard that this was a retelling. I. Was. In.

Amaya was sold to a debtor ship when she was seven, which made her an indentured servant to a mean AF pirate. She is just days away from escaping the ship and finding her mother, when she decides to save a man who is dying. This man is grateful and later offers her revenge on the man who sold her into slavery and framed her father. Except…she doesn’t know who is responsible. In exchange for helping the man seek revenge, he will help her uncover the secrets of her past. 

Enter Project Runway hopeful, Cayo Mercado. He is the son of the man she is seeking revenge on. But he is also an adorable puff who got in over his head with the partying and gambling. We are all a bit over the spoiled prince trope, but I really enjoyed that Cayo, while exhibiting this, has also taken steps to rectify his mistakes by the time we meet him. He is trying to do better and is just too adorable for me to hate. Honestly, I want to be friends with him. I think his sense of style could do me some good.

I’m so glad that I received this advanced copy as it is a book I would not want to miss out on. First of all, the writing is spectacular. This is clearly an experienced author who delivered a polished almost-final piece. The characters are fresh and new with lots of little personality details that I appreciated. The world is small for a fantasy novel, but it’s due to the nature of the story. It primarily takes place in one city, but that is the point – revenge in her home. 

“Your guilt doesn’t allow you to become the victim here.” I FEEL THIS IN MY SOUL.

As for the characters. Can we applaud the representation really quick? I don’t think there is one straight person in the book. I didn’t feel like we got any token characters, but just a world where LGBTQ+ is the norm and where a person can wear a badge with their pronouns and it is respected. This was a first for me as far as quality descriptions by an author. The fluidity of the sexual preferences and gender preferences felt natural and unforced. 

On top of the representation, we had a female cop and a girl named Dead Shot. Because women can be badasses as well and Sim acknowledges this. In fact, I laughed so hard at Amaya when she got her period and her reaction was to ask if she could just cut it out now because she isn’t going to use it. Girl, I FEEL that pain.

Speaking of pain, there is a backstabbing scene towards the end that I am living for. I mean, the whole book is based on revenge so what would we do without a good old fashioned backstabbing? It was needed.

As far as romance goes, I was on board with this story. It was properly paced and nothing felt too soon or overdone. Also, there is the greatest mudfight scene in the history of ever that gave me WAY too many feelings.

“You could never trust what you have, only what you were capable of.”

Have you read Scavenge the Stars? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 


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