My Favorite Literary Siblings

I love nothing better than solid sibling relationships in books. As a middle child, maybe this is how I just get comfort, but I LIVE for sibling relationships. Here are my favorites.

The Blackthorns from The mortal instruments and the dark ARTIFICES

Art by @cassiejp on Instagram

No one can deny the amazing bond that the Blackthorn family has. I am obsessed with these babies and they deserve ONLY HAPPINESS.

Mia and Jonnen from the Nevernight chronicles

Talk about a realistic sibling relationship. These two have the best older sister and little brother storyline. Jonnen blew me away when I really thought I was going to hate him. I love these two forever!

Scarlett & Tyler Jones

No matter what, these two back each other up. Disagreements? Sure, but they are there for each other through all of the tough stuff. And Scarlett bails him out constantly.

Kell & Rhy Maresh from the darker shades of magic series

Art by @gabriella.bujdoso on Instagram

Just LOOK at these two! I love them to the ends of the earth. One grumpy prince and one happy, charming prince. They are perfect and wonderful and the very best of friends. *sigh*

Eliana and Remy From the empirium trilogy

First of all, Eliana deserves a nap and time to just take a vacation with her little brother. She would just watch the world burn if it meant that he was okay and I’m so in love with them.

Who are your favorite literary siblings? Let me know in the comments!


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