2020 Bookish Resolutions

So to kick off the new year, I wanted to set some goals. I’m not really into resolutions because I don’t think they work. However; I need to be accountable next year, especially since it’s going to be a very busy year.

2020 Book Ban… kinda.

Okay, ban is excessive. But I am going to try beating the backlist in my own way. I have scheduled out my owned TBR to 5 books per month, which should get me through the majority of my owned TBR by 2021. In addition, I have limited my new purchases to the following upcoming releases that I just can’t live without.

House of Earth & Blood (Crescent City #1) – Mar 3
Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1) – Mar 3
Wild at Heart (Simple Wild #2) – Mar 3
Seven Endless Forests – Mar 31
Empire of Gold (Daevabad #3) – June 30
The Faithless Hawk (Merciful Crow #2) – July 28
As the Shadow Rises (The Age of Darkness #2) – Katy Rose Pool – Sept 1
Lightbringer (Furyborn #3) – Fall 2020
Empire of the Vampire – Sept
Ember 4 – TBD

Once I am through my 5 books for the month, I can read what I like or buy a new release. But not until I have finished my owned TBR for that month and the months previous. The library is free game as are books that are gifted to me, so I just can’t buy a new book until I am caught up. Hopefully, this will help with reducing my owned TBR and keeping me financially responsible when it comes to books!

How does this affect ARCs?

I have included my upcoming ARCs in my owned TBR count. I have committed to these reviews so they will take priority over new purchases. I’m also going to be a little less aggressive in my ARC requests so that I don’t overload myself. This last year they kind of started flooding in and overwhelmed me, which means I got behind. I hate getting behind on ARCs because I made the commitment to give them a chance when I requested them.

What are your goals for this week? Let me know in the comments!


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21 thoughts on “2020 Bookish Resolutions

  1. These are good goals! I think my reading will go down even more than it did last year (which was a lot) because I want to read more with my kids. If they don’t come out of their childhood with a passion for books then I have failed parenting.

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  2. I definitely want to limit requesting arcs from netgalley as I’m behind on those plus all my owned, unread books on my shelf. I plan on focusing on reading my backlist in 2020 too. happy new year!

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  3. I like this idea, but I’m a big mood reader so it would probably be difficult for me to have a set five each month. I do want to read more of my owned books this year, especially the ones that I’ve been super excited for but haven’t had the time to read yet

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  4. Oh, good on you! I’m so opportunistic with my book buying, I would find that SUPER hard to stick to 😅 So hats off to you, doll! My only “goal” for this year is to have FUN with my reading. I’ve slogged through a lot of modernist books and classics the past couple years, and that’s been wonderful, but with everything going on in life/the world right now, I want to let reading be something I do for the pleasure of it. Not every book has to feel like work! 😉 And if I accumulate a few stacks along the way… so be it. I’ll get more shelves. Ha!

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    1. That sounds amazing!! Yes, we sometimes forget that reading is supposed to be fun and not a chore! There is too much crazy in the world to stop enjoying the things we love. I hope you have tons of fun reading this year!

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