Things That Make Bookworms Roll Their Eyes

Lately I think I have been more annoyed than usual by things that I have heard. We all hear this stuff or experience it as book lovers and I thought I would share some things that seriously make me roll my eyes. Let me know in the comments what annoys you!

“Oh you read for fun? I didn’t know anyone read books anymore!”

You honestly didn’t think anyone read anymore? Where do you think all of these great movies and tv shows come from?

When someone interrupts you mid-chapter for a stupid question. Check your weather app or Google. I’m BUSY.

“Hey what is your book about?”

Then their eyes glaze over when you explain. Because they don’t actually care and were not prepared for your book passion.

“Wait. Libraries are still around? Why?”

Because books are expensive Karen.

Jokes about how we are so weird for reading.

“Oh I don’t have time to read, i’m so busy.”

This usually comes from the person who binged a 6 season show last week. Which is fine… but you have time, just other priorities.

The people who say that we are wasting our minds with fiction. Hey Phil, do you watch anything other than police procedurals and the history channel?

“Eh, reading takes too long. I’ll just watch the movie.”


Reading over our shoulder. It’s creepy. Stop.

What makes you roll your eyes? Let me know in the comments!


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37 thoughts on “Things That Make Bookworms Roll Their Eyes

  1. All this for sure!! But yeah, I’ve gotten the glazed over look when trying to explain what my current paranormal or fantasy read is about. I’ve tried to be as minimal as possible now…usually because I’m being interrupted as I read, so the shorter I talk the sooner I read! Lol!

    I remember one question throughout school being WHY DO YOU READ SO MUCH? Like what else is there to do? I usually can’t answer stupid questions, so I stare a them with a look that says WHY ARE YOU ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS? Lol.

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  2. Haha love this! Everyone’s different and I know reading isn’t for everyone and that’s completely fine, but the people who say they’re ‘too busy’ to read are the ones that get me – we’re all busy but, like you said, we prioritise reading over other things. It doesn’t mean they’re wrong for not prioritising it, but if they can spend their weekend binge-watching an entire series on Netflix then they probably did have time to read, they just spent it on something else instead. Again, that’s fine, but it’s frustrating when they act like we’re obviously less busy than they are for being able to fit reading in!

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    1. Yes!! You can do whatever you want, but don’t say you don’t have the time when you watched an entire show Saturday!!! Just say you prefer tv. That’s cool too, but you do have time. I’m not laying around with oodles of time to read. I cram it in everywhere

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  3. “Oh, I can’t remember the last time I read a book.” … said with the undertone of, “What is wrong with you reading all those books?”
    Me: blink blink … thinking , “just go away and let me get back to my book”

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  4. I’ve actually been asked if I only read the “dialogues” and skip the description part. I don’t think I rolled my eyes because I was so dumbfounded to see how stupid can people be!

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      1. I thought exactly the same thing. It’s not a damn play, girl. The fun is in the description. But then most of the people around me don’t read at all. Like not at all. Absolute zero.

        The absolute worst part is also when they ask to see your book and START READING ITT?? Likee I must’ve been reading that book since two days! Surely they won’t be completing it in lecture of one freaking hour. 😑

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    1. Ah that’s awful!
      I had to return a book while I had friends in town so I took them with me to the library and they acted as though we were in a museum because they truly didn’t believe that libraries were still around!

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  5. “I hate reading” when I’m mid stream about a great book I’ve just read! Sure fire way to shut a conversation down real fast. What do you even say to that? I suppose that’s the case with most of the statements in your post. I can understand that everyone has different hobbies, but to hate something that so many people in the world don’t have access to (reading, education and books more broadly) just seems very narrow minded to me… Or perhaps I’m merely boring them with my book ranting and they want the conversation to end, if so, done haha!

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  6. Oh geez the one that gets me is when I’m reading and someone comes up talking at me, and then is surprised that I missed the first part of what they were saying…. cuz I was reading!! There’s always that awkward moment where we chat, then I go back to my book, then ten more times “oh wait, one more thing..” and I’m like dang! Just let me enjoy my read-n-eat lunch!

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  7. Really, any kind of book snobbery is guaranteed to get an eye-roll (and probably a snarky comment) from me. Anything in the vein of that’s-not-REAL-literature or audio-books-don’t-count or fiction-is-a-waste-of-time… ugh. Boo to them, I say!

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