The Naming (The Books of Pellinor #1) | Book Review

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The Books of Pellinor #1 | 492 Pages | 2006

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The Naming at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: The most mature “child” I have seen
  • Dude: A firmly closed book
  • Steaminess: Not applicable
  • Brutality: Human marshmallow

Pairs Well With

Whatever is in the magic flask


I can credit this one to awesome humans on twitter. Thanks to Issy for recommending this book because I adored it and can’t wait to finish the series. 

Maerad is living as a slave when a gorgeous man with powers appears and wants to whisk her away. Hmm, this sounds like a typical YA fantasy… Also, he thinks she is the chosen one and helps her realize her own powers. Yes, I think I have heard this story before. But, never one so well written and descriptive.

The beautiful descriptions hooked me. Yes, this is an epic fantasy and told in that style so some of the language is a little flowery, but it never put me off. The descriptions are all vivid and detailed and paint a gorgeous picture in your mind. I was never left to second-guess what a character, creature or location looked like.

It is also follows the pacing of an epic fantasy. This is book one of a four-part adventure so most of it is background and character development. Who is Maerad and how did she end up a slave? Who is this tall, dark and handsome stranger Cadvan and how does he know she is special?

There was not a ton of action until the end of the book and most of it was spent on a long journey with Maerad and Cadvan. Honestly, some of the journey could have been shortened, but I kind of loved the epic style. Cadvan is a bard and bards have powers. He helps Maerad realize that she is a bard and over the duration of this journey she truly grows up. The story resembles a song from a bard in medieval times as it ebbs and flows.

I loved Maerad’s development throughout the story. She begins as a rescued slave who doesn’t trust anyone, but will follow a stranger just to escape her horrible conditions. She risks life and limb just to have a chance at a better life. And she is not scared of anything. At one point she lights a bitch on fire. That was when I officially joined team Maerad forever.

She is also a relatable character and *gasp* gets her period! Not even just once. It happens every month and it’s mentioned. Plus, she has a tremendous skepticism of men after witnessing the brutality of the rapes that happened to the other slaves. Our girl Maerad saved herself this date by telling everyone she was a witch. Bow down to queen Maerad.

Cadvan, on the other hand, is supposed to be a mysterious character. Honestly, he mansplained to her while also continuously telling a 16 year old girl to grow up. I think he has room to become a character I love, but I’m on Maerad’s side of things for now. He is a shady little bitch and i’m still not sure that I trust or like him. He can be really charming when he wants to be, but I can’t tell if it’s his facade cracking or if that is him acting.

The side characters were also fantastic additions. Hilarious and adorable. There is a reunion toward the end that warmed my heart so much. I hope you take the time to check this one out, just be warned that it has a slow start, but is so much fun in the end.

Have you read The Naming Let me know what you thought in the comments! 


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