October Book Haul

book haul

I followed all of my rules in October! I did get The Naming and Blood Brothers from the library digitally, which I don’t list below because I can’t remember when I actually checked them out.

YA Book of the Month Club

I actually got The Beautiful this month and said I did for last month so obviously i’m a hot mess.



I stuck to my rules and got the Barnes & Noble special edition of An Ember in the Ashes. I’m holding out hope that the hardback Torch is released with the matching cover because I really want this series in hardback.


I also got the Barnes & Noble special edition of A Conjuring of Light. I love the artwork in these special editions and the bookmark!


If you need a series that will slowly kill you then please go get Wolfsong! I love this series so much, but the feelings are REAL. I pre-ordered this digital copy from Amazon because the paperback wasn’t available yet. He went through some horrible stuff with his last publisher and is republishing all of the work he had with them. I wanted to make sure that I waited and pre-ordered from him and not the scummy publisher who wouldn’t pay royalties.

Another Amazon e-book purchase. I needed some cheesy shifter romance and TS Joyce never lets me down.


I have been really good about cutting back on ARCs as I’m planning a hiatus in late March and most of April. I don’t want to over-commit to anything.

I received e-arcs of Blood Countess and Where Dreams Descend. I am so freaking excited for both of these. I’m surprised I haven’t started them already. I really try to do ARC reviews close to the release date, but I may have to read these and save the review for later!

I hit the jackpot this month, receiving ARCs in the mail of Find Me Their Bones, We Are Blood and Thunder and Ink in the Blood. I already read and reviewed the first, but the second two are calling to me from the shelf. I am so excited!

*If you curious about how I get my physical ARCs please feel free to comment or message me. Twitter is the easiest @fictionnochaser. I’m always happy to share my tips and tricks!

What did you pick up this month? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 


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13 thoughts on “October Book Haul

    1. I don’t know much about requesting in Australia as I’m in the US where it is easier. I’m going to do some digging to see which publishers will send ARCs there.
      In my requests, I make sure to include title, author, ISBN and all of my blog and social statistics: followers, avg views etc.
      Also link to any reviews of the authors books you have done.

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