Book Crushes : Dreams vs. Reality

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I have too many book boyfriends. I love them and I have no apologies for any of them. But realistically, I know i’m never ending up with the guy I dream about. I’m getting the one “more compatible with my personality” BLAH BLAH BLAH.

So here are the boyfriends I want vs who I would really end up with. Let me know who your book crushes are in the comments!

Enjoy my crazy!

The Mortal Instruments

Who I crush on: Jace Herondale of course! He is gorgeous and sarcastic and an altogether badass.

Who I would actually end up with: Simon Lewis. I would 100% make out with my nerdy best friend and lead them on. Not saying it’s a nice thing to do, but I know who I was as a 16 year old.

The Raven Boys

Who I crush on: Ronan Lynch. When I read this series I had the worst bad-boy crush on Ronan. I mean he is getting his own series for a reason people!

Who I would actually end up with: Richard Gansey III. Honestly, I have called my husband President Cellphone since that first book. They are twins minus the whole “hunting dead kings” thing.

Throne of Glass

Who I crush on: Rowan Whitehorn duhh. (And Manon too). Let’s be honest, i’m not finding some beautiful fae prince to be my consort. Some things are not in the cards. Also, not a fan of cleaning up after birds.

Who I would actually end up with: Chaol Westfall. As much as I hate it, I have to say that Chaol is probably the most likely option from this crew. Everyone else is extremely extra and while I can’t stand Chaol, I’m no Celaena so things would have gone a little differently.

Harry Potter

Who I crush on: Victor Krum. No I don’t know why, but I loved Victor way too much in Goblet of Fire. Honestly, I was rooting for him and Hermione because sometimes the book loving girl just wants a guy who tells her that she is pretty! And he was a sweet gentleman when others treated her like crap.

Who I would actually end up with: Harry Potter. 100% I would end up with Harry 10 years later when he was ready for his second wife because Ginny finally realized that Harry didn’t do a whole lot on his own and isn’t actually very funny.

Folk of the Air

Who I crush on: King Roiben. He was my very first YA fantasy crush and he will remain so forever. I just love him in Modern Fairy Tales and lived for the scene where he ate chinese in a tent with Kaye. My goal for QON is King Roiben takes ALL of the thrones.

Who I would actually end up with: Locke. I was dumb when I was young and have definitely dated some Lockes in my day. The joy of getting older is that you can easily identify a fuckboy and generally they are really fun to ridicule and turn down.

Six of Crows

I had this on the list before finishing Crooked Kingdom. I no longer can answer this because my heart is still in shatters. THEY ARE ALL TOO GOOD.

What about your fictional crushes? Let me know in the comments!


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18 thoughts on “Book Crushes : Dreams vs. Reality

  1. Book crushes vs. reality? You really went there! * high five * I can´t think of any book crushes but I do know that I´m always attracted to book assholes ( even the worst ) but for some reason, I just know I´ll end up with the deadly silent ones. This happens every damn time. I can´t seem to stick with a fictional asshole for long enough. Lol. Oh! Wait! I have one example. Cassian from ACOTAR. That constant eye contact, those many unspoken words- Guuurl! I´d be attracted to Rhys but I´d kick Cassian out of bed…. to continue on the floor.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post so much.

    YES. RONAN. I know he and I would never get together in real life, but a GIRL CAN DREAM.

    Also…I love Chaol. (I also didn’t get past the first book in the series.) Emo bois are kind of my jam. At least compared to Dorian (blech.)

    Liked by 1 person

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