Blood Brothers | Book Review

Sign of Seven #1 | 328 Pages | 2019

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Blood Brothers at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: Spunky ghost hunter
  • Dude: Hometown boy with a twist
  • Steaminess: Not very explicit
  • Scary: Remember The Grudge?

Pairs Well With

Sam Adams Boston Lager


TW: self harm, murder, suicide, rape (not on page)
So I read this book because I needed a palette cleanser. I was in a rut, bordering on a slump and decided that Nora is tried and true and I know what to expect.

I was wrong.

Who knew queen Nora could scare me so much?! Honestly, I had to put the book down a few times because I was reading it before bed. You know what I don’t need haunting my dreams? Creepy children with red eyes who drag you down and try to drown you.

Little girls in ponds like they are in The Ring.

Quinn is a ghost hunting journalist who has come to Hawkins Hollow, a sleepy little town, in search of a story. Every seven years the town goes into a sort of trance and when they come out people are dead, injured or missing. Only three men remember what happens and are keeping this secret closely guarded.

Are you curious yet?

This is Nora Roberts so yes, it’s supposed to be a love story. That element is present, but it takes a back seat to the insane horror book drama going on. Quinn and hometown hero Cal join forces to figure out what they can do about the town’s tragedies, but Cal isn’t sharing the whole story.

He and his two best friends set something loose on their eleventh birthday. Something that returns every seven years to cause chaos in the town. These occurrences are not small and many people die horrific deaths at the hands of their loved ones.

I honestly did not expect this out of a Nora Roberts book. Generally, I shy away from horror, but this book did it in just the right way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s creepy as hell and I had to set it down a few times, but it’s not altogether that scary.

Quinn is a hilarious and spunky girl who adds much needed levity to a pretty dark book. Cal is sweet, but I didn’t love his secret keeping. The secondary characters Gage, Fox, Layla and Cybil are interesting, but we aren’t given a ton of background as they will be the leads for the other books in the trilogy. I loved this little ghost-hunting team and I’m excited to read books 2 & 3. And not just as palette cleansers!

Have you read Blood Brothers? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 


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8 thoughts on “Blood Brothers | Book Review

  1. Okay I have personally never tried a Nora Roberts book because I’m not that big of a romance fan, nor am I a horror fan, but after reading your review I’m so curious about this. I may not read this at night EVER though, especially since you said you had to put it down a few times, and mentioned creepy ass children trying to drown you so I want to skip the nightmares. This is such a great review! Ugh you may have turned me into trying a Nora Roberts book for the first time ever!


  2. I´m so glad I read your review. I´ve been thinking about Blood Brothers but since you mentioned spooky kids and all that I´ll have to pass- even if it´s a Nora Roberts book. Kids and horror don´t fit in my world. Although I love horror and I love kids I can´t put both together.

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