In a Dark, Dark Wood | Book Review

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Standalone | 308 Pages | 2016


In a Dark, Dark Wood at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★
  • Heroine: Stuck in the past
  • Twists: Do they count if you see them?
  • Creepiness: Major swimfan vibes
  • Brutality: Filled with buckshot

Pairs Well With

The new Glenlivet scotch pods (tide pods for adults ew)


Okay, I have to say I’m kind of disappointed. I was so stoked for this book. I wanted to be scared. Reese Witherspoon you LIED TO ME.

First of all, this whole book starts with Nora (Lenora, Lee, Leo) getting an email invite to her highschool best friend’s (Clare) hen do (bachelorette). They haven’t spoken in ten years, since Nora ran away and left the town behind, never to speak to them again.

So tell me something folks. If you leave town and then ten years later, receive a last-minute invite to a party when you AREN’T EVEN INVITED TO THE WEDDING, why in the ever-loving hell would you go? Yes, I get curious, but never enough to not pick up a phone and ask what the fuck?

So she and her hilarious friend Nina, pack up and head to this house in the middle of nowhere that is either the house from that Keanu Reeves movie, with the glass walls and the time travel OR a complete murder house. Which one do you think it is?

Now Nora is trapped with a little band of crazies in the middle of the woods, with no cell service (because no good scary book can have that) and she refuses to drive so no transportation. Nora, for sure belongs to this band of wackos because she is ridiculous for going in the first place.

The narrative is written in two times, the current, which is Nora in the hospital the day after this little adventure, and the actual hen do weekend. This works well to help you work backward and forward through the story to get to the action. The problem is that nothing even remotely interesting happens until about halfway through the book. I was BORED.

Nina and her sense of humor got me through this thing because Nora’s monologues about how wonderful Clare was or how evil Clare could be got very tiring. Yes, she was your friend, but honestly, you stopped talking to her at 16 for something that it turns out didn’t make any sense. She never explains why she cut Clare off. James yes, but not Clare. So she must not have been a very good friend don’t you think?

The first half of this book was Nora complaining about being at this weekend, even though she made that choice. Why didn’t she just leave with Melanie? She repeatedly made decisions that most of us wouldn’t so it was hard to be fully on her side. I think writing this review has me fired up again.

I like Ware’s writing and the story was a solid 3. The back and forth timing creates suspense and intrigue which I appreciated. Honestly, I don’t even mind not liking the characters usually, but the highschool drama? I hate that, which really brought down my level of interest. 

Have you read In a Dark, Dark Wood? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 


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