How I Read More When I Travel


Trash Tuesday (5).pngI travel a ton. For the most part, I don’t mention it in my blogging because this is about reading folks! But I am out of town at least 2 weekends per month and still have to manage to get my reading in. These are some of the ways I sneak it in when traveling.


I prefer physical books, but how can I moodread when I only have 2 with me? I use a special screen cover on my ipad because I need it to be multi-functional. Most of my ARCs are loaded to this magic machine and I don’t forget to charge an iPad. I have a charger splitter to my phone so they charge together. Plus, I can pick up where I left off on my phone. Would I rather read a physical book? Absolutely. But this is a helpful tool for those of us on-the-go.

I Read on planes and in cars

Yes, I know that not everyone can do this due to motion sickness. I am one of those lucky people who don’t get motion sick. Until recently. It’s been rough. So if I know I’m going to be in the air or in a car for more than an hour? I take a prescription because it’s BAD.

If you don’t want to go to that extreme, then audiobooks are an awesome alternative. I am not someone who can sleep in the car or on a plane so reading has always been my activity of choice. It’s a great way to squeeze in some reading.

I always pack a couple of paperbacks

When packing, I channel my inner Rory Gilmore and start to load up my suitcase. Then I remember that doesn’t work and stick a couple of paperbacks in the top. Honestly, I don’t even usually read them, but I have them for the comfort factor or if batteries start going low.

Utilize downtime

There is always downtime, even if it is just to relax and take a nap or in the airport waiting. Use that time to your advantage and sneak in a few chapters! I generally put on my headphones, even if nothing is playing ,to give off the “don’t talk to me” signal. That seems to help tremendously in public places.

Plus, the hotel has terrible television choices outside of Forensic Files reruns.

Don’t force yourself to read

I find that if I don’t force myself into finishing a book, I finish it faster. If you just want to enjoy your vacation or are too stressed on a work trip, then put the book down. Negative energy channels negative book reviews in my experience. Give yourself a break and enjoy your time off!

I hope these are helpful to you. Let me know what tricks you use in the comments!


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12 thoughts on “How I Read More When I Travel

  1. I also travel quite a lot and I can relate to your advice! I can read in the plane (unfortunately not also in the car), and most of the times I take advantage and read during the 1-2h I’m up in the air, disconnected from the world.
    Usually audio books don’t work so well for me (I fall asleep quickly), but I had a very good experience with Becoming by Michelle Obama.
    I wish you good travels! 🙂

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  2. I am so jealous of you and your ability to read on moving vehicles! My motion sickness has always been terrible, cars, planes, trains… doesn’t matter. I even struggle with watching shows while traveling because it causes my eyes to focus a little too much. Audiobooks are a fricking lifesaver for me in this regard.


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