There Will Come a Darkness | Book Review

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There Will Come a Darkness #1 | 496 Pages | Sept 3, 2019

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There Will Come a Darkness at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Characters: The slightly murderous fab 5
  • Angst: Serious yearning (looking at you Hassan and Jude)
  • Steaminess: Cleared that table quick!
  • Brutality: Trial by fire…really

Pairs Well With

House on Fire

  • Ginger ale
  • Hull
  • Gin
  • Yellow chartreuse


WHAT! Wow. Okay, I really loved this book. Thank you so much to Henry Holt Books for Young Readers for my ARC, I need to go buy this immediately!

“In the village of the dead, they waited.”

I don’t usually like storylines that seem religious based even a little. I just avoid them like a flood. *Insert stupid jokes because Houston is currently underwater* But when I saw this cover, I had to read this book. I mean… It’s so dark and pretty and 100% my brand for a cover. The colors, the artwork. Everything about this cover is working for me. So I decided to give a possibly religious book a try.

So I dove into this possibly religious book…

The Seven Prophets used to rule the Seven cities and at some point they just disappeared (still not sure how that happened). Before they took their hiatus, they did one last prophecy about the end of the world or The Reckoning. Somehow a darkness is coming and will destroy the Graced.

So, 100 years later we have the Graced individuals, or those who have come into one of the four powers, and then the rest of the population. The Graced tend to be acolytes or priests and we all know how priests can be… yep, not always the greatest of humans. The tension though, seems to have come from an uprising led by Dr. Evil himself called the Witnesses… Yeah, no religious tension here at all…they are just raising cities and burning people in temples… 

“Those who abused their power would only continue the cycle, rewarding the ones who enabled them.”

In this lovely world, we follow five characters who all have some part in the end of days. A murderer, a knight, a prince, a gambler and we aren’t sure about the last one.

Ephyra is running around murdering horrible people through SUCKING OUT THEIR ESSENCE. It’s pretty badass, I must say. I kinda love her whole “kill first, ask questions later” vibe. Really, she has a great reason for doing what she does and is a product of circumstance.

Hassan. Oh my sweet summer child. I just want to hug him tight and then bubble wrap him from his own idiot ideas. Hassan is such a 16 year old boy. Really, he needs a skateboard, not a kingdom. 

Jude is my dark and mysterious knight. He is trying so hard to stay in the closet and it’s just not happening. He swore himself to celibacy as a part of the knighthood. Who else thinks this was a bad idea? Not just me? Okay. His inner turmoil is heart wrenching to read, but I love him so much. He deserves only good things from here on.

“I don’t know anything about that. I don’t know about duty and purpose. But I know what people want. You may think you’re different, that you live by some special code that sets you apart, but everyone wants something Jude. Even you.”

Anton has to be my favorite. His comedic relief, his gambling, his smirk. I’m a sucker, I know. We don’t know much about Anton for most of the book, but as his dark story is revealed IT IS AMAZING. I also already know what Anton needs for Christmas. Dumbledore’s pensive. Someone get him this STAT.

Beru is the last of the five and I’m still not sure how she fits into everything other than I want to see more of her! For years, she has let her sister do unspeakable things for her and I need to see how far this will go. Beru seems to be the real key to this whole Reckoning shebang, so I want to see what happens when she gets this party started.

The characters really drive the plot.

We follow them as they connect and disconnect with each other. At the end, everyone hasn’t even met each other which I found interesting. It’s almost like we are following the dark and the light on our way through. But everyone seems a little morally grey as well which makes for some fun dynamics and internal battles. There is tons of action along the way, so it’s not super atmospheric, but has a great world. In the ARC there was no map so I’m hoping that the finished copy has one. I would really love a map for this story.

I loved this book, but I have written way too many words! Go get it now!

Have you read There Will Come a Darkness? Let me know what you thought in the comments! 


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7 thoughts on “There Will Come a Darkness | Book Review

  1. WHY haven’t I heard of this book before now?! It sounds amazing! I love the Grace concept. It reminds me slightly of Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I liked how you went in to depth on the characters. They usually make the book, in my opinion. Great review!! 💙 Jen

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