Obsidio (I Finally finished so I get champagne right?) | Book Review

Book Review Coversheet (6).png

By: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

The Illuminae Files #3| 628 Pages | Pub. 2018

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Obsidio at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Heroine: Just trying to survive
  • Dude: Ode to his hair
  • Steaminess: Let’s be real… it’s freezing on Kerenza
  • Brutality: Teddies in the snow…I will NOT get over that

Pairs Well With

Didn’t I just say champagne?


I am going to do some random thoughts. But first…. I FINISHED!!!!

It’s possible that I’m alone in this, but it was my favorite of the trilogy. Probably because you finally have all of the main characters. But, I also think it was the most brutal, the best pacing and the most satisfying. I just like a solid ending folks…

Also, this is going to have spoilers… from All of the series so you have been warned…

Ok let’s get this thought train running.

  • Rhys’s hair violates the laws of gravity and I am impressed. I’m a sucker for blondes too… what can I say?

  • Asha making Schrödinger’s Kady jokes is my favorite thing ever.
  • Me and Oshiro are great. She just made a Britney whooha joke in space… or on another planet… either way. Britney WILL LAST.

  • “Jaw dropping like a bag of bricks” is what all of us desire from hot man candy.
  • Ok the prescription passed school notes aren’t Hanna’s journal, but I kinda adore this note situation. I wonder why they didn’t fold them special…

  • Rib tattoos.. I’m with you Asha.. Oh god, it’s his name? Nope Nope NOPE.
  • Stupidly Handsome Motherfucking Planet Invader… I bet it doesn’t fit his nametag well.
  • Oh god. Aiden is back

  • Everyone should just listen to Hanna. She has proven her superiority to EVERYONE by now.
  • Kady and Ezra are the cutest damn thing ever. DOWN BOY. You are going to break the bunk bed.
  • OMG THIS SELF SACRIFICE. The rebellion lives on

  • Bitches do be crazy.
  • This motherfucker and his stupid hair REMOVED his tattoo?

“You fall in love enough, you’re gonna be nothin’ but scar tissue.”

  • Aiden faking Nik out with the gun… dying. Aiden’s humor sucks.
  • Ezra is forever Lieutentant babyface…. Hahaha
  • Hanna and I are the same. I also fix things by turning them off and on…
  • THE TEDDY BEARS. I cannot. This is worse than the others. That didn’t just happen. Where is Hanna when we need her!
  • Looks like that ruined me and I stopped taking notes for 100 pages…

  • OOh these sketches are the best thing I have ever seen. HAHAHA omg. Hanna is the best.
  • Oh damn! Bitch just got SHOT.
  • This motherfucker! How DARE you be named Rhys!
  • Isaac Grant is the most wonderful man. Oh you can’t see your goldfish? Let me take care of that. Ugh.
  • Goodbye notes should not be allowed. This is bullshit. Don’t do this Armageddon thing to me.

  • Nope. Nope…. Kady and Ezra have been through ENOUGH. Jay is behind this. He likes to see readers in pain. MOTHERFUCKER. 

  • Oh you mean we get to do it ALL OVER with Hanna and Nik. Thanks. I didn’t have a heart anyway. This is fine.. I’m FINE.
  • ANOTHER CHILD? That’s it…. I am done.
  • Amie is responsible for the parachute. I just know it. Jay doesn’t love us like that. It was all the angel….

Have you read Obsidio? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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