Mini Review Monday | 99 Percent Mine


By Sally Thorne

Standalone | 368 Pages | Pub. 2019

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Overall Rating: ★★★★

Mini Review

I know that a lot of people struggled with this book and I was a little concerned about reading it. And I can 100% understand why some people DNF’d it or gave it a low rating. This book is not for everyone and it is definitely nothing like The Hating Game. But I thought it was awesome.

Darcy is not polite or adorable and she has zero impulse control. I like dark and twisty and Darcy has so many issues to work through. Girl needs to see a therapist immediately. Actually, everyone in this book aside from adorable Alex needs to see a dr. She has a heart condition but refuses to let it hold her back… to her detriment. Her parents put her in a metaphorical plastic bubble as a child while her twin Jamie was allowed to do everything. Because she wasn’t allowed to do much, but forced to watch her brother excel, Darcy has some trouble being told no. She doesn’t think before she does things AT ALL. So when her childhood friend, who she has always had a crush on, comes back to help with her house? She goes a little crazy.

I had a lot of fun reading this one because I enjoyed her weirdness, but she is kinda selfish and Tom isn’t the most engaging of men. The sibling drama between Darcy and Jamie was something to see. Twin fights galore!

But really I just want to know where to find some of Truly’s Underswears!

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