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I hope that everyone is having an awesome friday, I’m super behind on my tags, but I will catch up eventually! Thanks Laura Beth @Hotshotheadlines for tagging me! 

  1. A really hyped book you are not interested in reading – Can I say Warcross? I am just not super into Sci-fy so I am not jumping in to start this one.
  2. Series you won’t be starting/finishing – I am never finishing the Shatter Me series. I can’t get past the first few chapters and I have tried both written and audio. Nope.
  3. A classic you are not interested in – I have zero interest in ever reading Moby Dick. I was an English major and managed to skip this one so i’m going to say: hard pass.
  4. A genre you never read – Financial books bore me to tears
  5. A book on your shelves you will probably never actually readPygmy by Chuck Palahniuck. I may give it another try… who knows.

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What books will you never read? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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24 thoughts on “Books I’ll Probably Never Read | Book Tag

      1. No we don’t. I spend to much time deciding between over 400 books in my shelves that I have not yet read.. Did I mention I’m on a book buying-ban?😂 😅


  1. I started the second book in the Shatter Me series, got a few chapters in and haven’t picked it back up. This, after thinking the first book was just meh. xD I don’t think it’s gonna happen.


  2. I can’t bring myself to read Breakfast At Tiffany’s! I love Capote and I’m sure it’s fantastic, BUT I loved the film so much, I’m worried the book will ruin it for me. 🙈


  3. Shatter Me series was definitely one that never made my list. And I was an English major too but I had to read Moby Dick once—so I skimmed just enough to know side details and then cliff notes the rest 😅


  4. Fun fact: I used Moby Dick as sleeping material like ten years ago because I just always fell asleep whenever I tried reading it. Hard pass. Pygmy is SO BAD do NOT do it.

    Also Shatter Me… ugh. I am still trying to figure out my feelings on that. I was sick to my stomach reading book 1 knowing where the ship was going, and book 2 pissed me off with that path, but then I was kind of converted by book 3 and REALLY MAD about it. I am glad I read the original trilogy I guess, they were easy and quick reads but I won’t continue with them or really ever recommend them to anyone.

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