The Wicked King | Gossip Girl Edition


By Holly Black

The Folk of the Air #2 | 336 Pages | Pub. 2019

dd heading

The Wicked King at a Glance

Overall Rating: ★★★★

  • Heroine: *smh* Jude… Really?
  • Dude: The tail flick is the new shoulder brush
  • Steaminess: That was awkward…
  • Brutality: My back is sore from all the stabbing

Pairs Well With

Makers on the Rocks (to swirl while you plot)


The hype seriously freaked me out on this one. I LOVED Modern Day Fairy Tales and King Roiben is who I LIVE for here. I was down for an entire book of him and Kaye eating chinese in a tent and instead I got… Jude running around like an idiot… again.

For all of you who are mad that I said that… still 4 stars so stay with me.

Now, this was a big step up from Cruel Prince as far as pacing and interest. For such a short book, quite a bit happened and it was all like Gossip Girl level of backstabbing insanity.

I’ll skip the plot recap because again… most of you have read this one judging by goodreads standards.

We all hate Locke and Taryn I think… I didn’t even read the short story because frankly, I couldn’t deal with Taryn. I ranted enough in Cruel Prince, but seriously… What a backstabbing piece of crap sister!

**I actually liked Vanessa, but this gif just reminds me of Taryn staring at Locke.

And Jude… Jude is so strong and badass, but she continues to put her faith in all of the wrong people. As much as my girl says she doesn’t trust anyone…. She legit trusts everyone, which gets her into so much trouble. She is such a beast and can make it through anything so I’m sure she will get seriously even in the end, but she needs to go solo. Jude could seriously take everyone and run all of Fairy if she just trusted herself and used her brain more.

I have a lot of theories about Cardan and the ending, but I want to leave this as spoiler free as possible for any of the 10 people out there who don’t know the ending. And you don’t have to believe me, but that ending didn’t even surprise me. I had faith that Cardan wasn’t just some drunk playboy, so Cardan pulling a Chuck Bass made me insanely happy.

I’m actually pretty excited for The Queen of Nothing now!

Have you read The Wicked King? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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16 thoughts on “The Wicked King | Gossip Girl Edition

  1. I think I had very similar thoughts to you when it came to this book; I definitely enjoyed the story but Jude has to become a lot smarter when it comes to trusting others. I hope Queen of Nothing comes out soon! Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haven’t read this one yet, neither the first book, but they’ve been on my list 😀
    Currently reading another Holly Black (the Black Heart) from a series i started aaaages ago. Kind of in the mood for series, so maybe i won’t wait 10 years with this one either.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t even say everything I want to say because…spoilers…but I’ll just put out there that Jude and Cardan both deserve better than what the other person gives them. Actually, neither of them ought to be in relationships at all.

    Liked by 1 person

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