A Curse so Dark and Lonely | Book Review


By: Brigid Kemmerer

A Curse so Dark #1 | 496 Pages | Pub 2019

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A Curse so Dark and Lonely at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: Lost Herondale #20
  • Dude: Stereotypical spoiled prince
  • Steaminess: They aren’t melting any snow
  • Brutality: I don’t want to know what goes on in the bloody room


Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale, i’m sure I have this in common with most of you, my lovely readers. I cannot get enough re-tellings of this story, so obviously, I was excited for this book to come out. But then the hype monster got to me. I got scared and put it off. I didn’t pre-order. I didn’t even buy it… But then the library had it available and my self control (what self control) went out the window.

I tore through this thing. One day. That was all it took for me to devour this book. It’s easy and fun and so different from other re-tellings. I liked the originality laced with a well-known story. It felt old and familiar, but new and interesting at the same time. We all knew the ending we were getting to, but not the path.

Kemmerer’s writing is spectacular as well. Easy to get through, but with enough detail. No threads were left loose that weren’t supposed to be. The world was vivid – though, I wanted a better map – and the characters were fleshed out. But the character’s were my one issue.

I read a review and I feel bad that I can’t remember who’s it was, but they said that Harper runs around without regard to anything or anyone and it was 100% on point. She is an idiot and I would not follow her anywhere. Yes, she makes nice speeches, but she doesn’t think before she acts! It’s cute when Jace Herondale does it, but Harper, you are not a Herondale… Well, I mean everyone might be a lost Herondale and she might even fit… Okay, this review is devolving… Back on track.

Grey, for being this amazing soldier, is nothing better than a dog on a leash. He ALMOST CHOPS OFF HER ARM FOR NO REASON. No reason. You don’t take an arm because the prince got his panties in a twist. Yes, he is “a loyal soldier” blah blah, but I kinda hated him for not using his own brain.

Prince Rhen was meh. I didn’t love him or hate him, or even have any feelings about him whatsoever. He is your basic jerk off spoiled prince who finds a girl who is “different.”

My last thing is that I was not aware that this is a series. Yeah, I should have known that, but imagine my surprise when I get an enormous cliffhanger on a book that I thought was a standalone.

All in all, I truly enjoyed this and I think Harper has grown… possibly. So I will definitely continue with the series and hope for the best!

Have you read A Curse so Dark and Lonely? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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17 thoughts on “A Curse so Dark and Lonely | Book Review

  1. I’ve really been keeping an eye out for this one! It looks fab, and I’m also a sucker for any Beauty and the Beast retellings… I’m glad to know it’s worth a look 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I read it, but didn’t really like it, unfortunately.. 😦
    I really liked the originality, but for the rest not enough happened for me.But not every book is for everyone of course. Glad you did enjoy it!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great review! This book has been everywhere lately and I’m definitely ready to jump on that bandwaggon! And I laughed way harder than I needed to at the Jace reference. Sadly not everyone can be like him although there is a good chance someone might be related to him lol

    Liked by 1 person

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