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Well, this is interesting… In honor of Valentine’s next week, I thought I would do at least one romanti-ish post. I saw this Love Triangle Randomizer on A Fictional Bookworm and HAD to do it. I’m not convinced that the randomizer is shipping these characters though…

Kell Maresh | Legend | Lila Bard

Kell and Lila I adore and I am all for that ship. Bringing Legend into the mix may not be terrible since they both love some adventure and fun?!

Mia Corvere | Richard Gansey III | Manon Blackbeak

Poor Gansey. He isn’t making it out of this triangle alive. Manon and Mia may just kill each other though so at least he makes it out the back corner while they do?

Rowan Whitehorn | Victor Vale | Kate Daniels

Rowan and Kate I can see. He is a little like Curran in the territorial bastard kind of way. Victor may just hang around to be nanny…

Cress | Aelin Galathynius | Carswell Thorne

Again, poor Cress. I don’t think a room could take both Aelin and Thorne’s egos. I see lots of hilarious banter, but Aelin would still be too much for Thorne and he and Cress would be back together in no time.

Mark Blackthorn | Alina Starkov |Lira

In my dreams Lira rips out Alina’s heart, but adores Mark’s weirdness and they live happily ever after.

Blue Sargent | Elian | Julian Blackthorn

Elian would annoy Blue to death so I think Juliana and Blue end up together plotting to take over the world with their brilliant brains.

Emma Carstairs | Ronan Lynch | Dorian Havillard

I would pay to see Emma and Dorian meet. That is too much gryffindor for any of us to take, but Ronan would balance it out. These three are all loose cannons and I think they all end up together anyway.

That was so much fun. I hope you were as entertained as I was!


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