Queen of Air and Darkness (Wait, what?! x100) | Book Review

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By: Cassandra Clare

The Dark Artifices #3 | 880 Pages | Pub. 2018

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Queen of Air and Darkness at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★1/2
  • Heroine: My stab-happy hero
  • Steaminess: Three times the steam
  • Brutality: Head popped like a bottle top


Oh lord, how do I even begin? I have no words and all the words at the same time. First of all, this is my favorite shadowhunter series. I love the others, but Clare’s writing has grown and with it, her characters. I am going to have to do a love hate breakdown on this and I can’t write it without spoilers so if you haven’t read any of The Dark Artifices STOP NOW.

I warned you… Spoilers are coming…

What I loved

  • The time in Fairie – I loved seeing this new land and the fun characters we met. I think this is in general for the series because we spent time there in LOS as well and I am here for it.
  • Julian – Words cannot say how I feel about this man. YES MAN. From flipping pancakes while planning a war to being such a good dad and plotting badass, I am in love. He has surpassed all others in my eyes. Even Rowan and that is saying A LOT.
  • Ty & Kit – Can they just be happy already? They are 15 and I need them to be a forever couple. Kit broke my heart with his inner monologue about Ty. He just loves him SO MUCH.
  • Emma – She is the only one who deserves Julian. I will step aside for Emma because she is amazing and fearless. Emma kicks ass and doesn’t look back. She still should have killed Zara though.
  • Diana being a badass – Chopping off his arm?! YES. Diana is spectacular and a treasure of a human.
  • Gwyn – Speaking of treasures, this guy right here! He loves Diana and is 100% with who she is. I love that Clare gave a transgender person a romantic storyline.
  • My emotions – I actually had them while reading this. Talk about a roller coaster
  • Tessa and Jem – TID was so hard to read because of that triangle. I’m so happy that Jem is getting his happy ending and A BABY! Plus, Tessa is amazing and I love her.
  • Cristina+Mark+Kieran – Best love triangle ever. I knew they were all going to end up together and I’m so happy. Mark lying to Cristina about the stele is NOT COOL. But, he made up for it because he is Mark and irresistable. I did want to punch him once or twice though.
  • Cameos – Alec becoming inquisitor? Magnus? The wedding!!! I loved all of the cameos and I think I actually like Alec now? He was amazing in this book.
  • Simon and his stupid D&D character – So not a Simon fan, but when he handed over that iron knight I just knew someone was going to die by D&D character. Sooooo Simon. Izzy is a saint to marry that man.
  • Photocopying the Black Volume… EXCUSE ME. A great wizard Office Max… dead. Once again, Julian is a genius.
  • Livvy’s Letter – Sobbs hysterically. That letter gave ME closure. I think I needed that. It’s also the only thing I liked about that second world thing.
  • Jace being Jace – He isn’t there a lot, but when he is…. Oh Jace. Finger guns and a beard that makes him look ruggedly handsome oh my.



What got on my nerves

  • Fucking Annabel – Can she die already? Julian kills her in the alternate world and SHE COMES BACK. Ok, it isn’t really her, but her whole thing and obsession with Ash is too much. Looney tunes.
  • Zara needs to die asap – Why is she still a thing? Emma should have killed her like 5 times. Backstabbing, racist bitch.
  • Weird other world – I understand the whole alternate universe thing, but I still am not a fan. We did that in TMI and it was ok, but I didn’t need to do that again. I’m over Thule, but judging by that ending, it’s not over us.
  • Why are we bringing Sebastian back??!! – I think this is what ruined the Thule experience for me. I don’t like having to deal with the same villain on repeat. He died and we moved on. Let’s not do this again. Now we get his son and evil Jace? NOT COOL.
  • No one ever dies… except Max – Why are we always bringing people back? Once or twice, okay, but I don’t like all of these resurrections in YA. RIP Max.
  • Emotionless Julian – I felt like I was watching The Vampire Diaries when Elena erases her good memories of Damon. UGH. No. Emotionless Julian is no fun and doesn’t plot as well.
  • Zara, Manuel and the rest of the cohort – That ending! I may have let them kill themselves TBH. Alec has proven himself a better person than I. This suicide because we got caught plan sucks.
  • Ty and Kit! – Their ending broke my heart. I needed them together and now Kit is leaving because Ty couldn’t get over his sister’s death? I am happy for Kit and his family, but what are they going to do in two years when Wicked Powers comes out!!
  • This whole curse and Nephilim thing – The parabatai bond turning them into giant angels who squash people… really? I feel let down over that entire thing. I don’t even want to reread that part because it seemed like a really ridiculous answer to a problem she created.

Favorite Quotes

“Sometimes when you start a war, you want to make pancakes.”

“It’s hard to focus on your love life when giant spiders are chasing you.”

“I just want to make it clear that I did not engineer the interruption of the Harpyia demon,” Mark said, “and was indeed quite eager to continue with our sexual congress.”

“Ah, Watson,” said Ty. “You may not yourself be luminous, but you are an extraordinary conductor of light.”

“He’s a filthy pervert. Jace should stand for Consul instead.” “I am also a filthy pervert,” said Jace, “or at least I aspire to be. You have no idea what I get up to in my spare time. Just last week I asked Clary to buy me a—”

Have you read Queen of Air and Darkness? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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