Lord of Shadows (Rip Out My Soul Why Don’t You?) | Book Review

By: Cassandra Clare

The Dark Artifices #2 | 699 Pages | Pub. 2017

Lord of Shadows at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★★
  • Heroine: Basically a godslayer
  • Dude: He can break my heart
  • Steaminess: Rain fights always lead to something good
  • Emotional: Just stab me in the heart Cassandra!

Pairs Well With

  • Straight tequila

Beware. Spoilers are Coming…


What just happened???

These are 100% my favorite shadowhunters. I still love Jace and Izzy and Will, but COME ON. Julian? Emma? My entire heart now belongs to the Blackthorns.

Here is my love/hate list.


The Blackthorns – How could you not adore this family? They are the best group of humans. Ty with his quirks, Dru and her love of true crime. You just cannot go wrong with this big, awesome family. I would want to join, but they do not have the greatest luck.

Kit – I was NOT here for him being a jerk, but then his Jace side showed up. I adore how Herondale Kit became without even knowing it.

“Zara: It’s just a registry… 

Kit: Am I the only one who’s read X-Men and realizes why this is a bad idea?” 

Kit & Ty playing Sherlock & Watson – Watching these two is like playing with a new puppy. They are so cute that it hurts my heart. Ty trusting Kit and their whole friendship arc is the greatest thing about this book. I cannot wait to see how they move forward in QOAAD!

Julian & Emma – I NEED these two to be happy together. I haven’t been so on board for a ship since Rowalin. These two just get each other and are the most perfect couple so let’s get this parabatai shit fixed asap.

Mark’s Fairyisms – I LIVE for Mark’s weird comments. He seriously makes me so happy with his ridiculous fairy sayings.

“Your pretense does not fool me, gnome,” he muttered. “My eye will be upon you.”


Zara – Her and her racist friends need to be thrown in the Hollow Place. I think that murder holes were designed just to deal with her and her crap. She makes me want to stab myself in the eye.

Everyone lying to each other – Holy soap opera batman! Mark lies to Kieran, Diego lies to Christina, Emma lies to Julian, Julian lies to EVERYONE. Can’t we all just adopt the truth policy and maybe not ruin everyone’s lives?

The Clave – I have been over the Clave since Heavenly Fire, but now I am soooo OVER IT. Clearly no one has a brain in this thing because they just run around with blinders on. Worst political system ever.

Malcom & Annabel – Seriously they are the WORST couple ever. His whole dead guy thing and her whole coming back to life insane thing. NOPE. Let’s just stop with the creepy zombies. K?

I really loved this book and it has taken a month to even put together a review because the ending BROKE ME. I just started Queen of Air and Darkness so wish me luck friends. I’ll see you on the other side if I don’t dissolve into a pile of tears.

Have you read Lord of Shadows? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “Lord of Shadows (Rip Out My Soul Why Don’t You?) | Book Review

  1. This book must be protected at all costs!!! It quickly became my favorite Shadowhunter book – not only because of the angst but it’s beautifully written! ❤

    I can't even start to read QOAAD… my feels are all over the place!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wait till you read QOAAD! I just finished reading it today and I’m still sort of processing what I just read. Trying to think about the future for this series.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Finished my re-read a couple days ago to prepare for Queen and it STILL HURTS THE SECOND TIME AROUND. actually a little bit more because I know whats gonna happen and I’m still like “MAYBE IT WILL BE BETTER THIS TIME?!”
    Pairs well with straight tequila and a designated hugger nearby 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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