Grim Lovelies | Book Review


By: Megan Shepherd

The Grim Lovelies #1 | 384 Pages | Pub 2018

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Grim Lovelies at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★
  • Heroine: She gets better
  • Dude: Worst puppy ever
  • Steaminess: Keepin’ it PG
  • Brutality: Biting off rat heads




Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Our Review

I finished and I’m still not sure how I feel about this book. It was a cute little story, but not out-of-this-world amazing. A witch has turned Anouk, Beau, Cricket, Hunter and Luc from animal to human, but when that witch is murdered they only have three days to have someone recast the spell before they turn back into their animal form. This is a fun premise and I was excited to dig in, but we could have used more background and world building.

We are thrown almost directly into the action and forced to piece together the concept of the Haute, which is essentially witch royalty and the vitae echo, which is the cost of magic to witches and goblins. By the end of the book, I understood the balances, but we could have used more of that information up front and maybe I wouldn’t have scratched my head so many times.

Anouk’s group of friends was adorable. I enjoyed getting to know them, but to be honest Anouk was not an interesting character until about halfway through. When she grows into her own person she is more enjoyable and relatable. Cricket and Petra were by far my favorite characters. Cricket is feisty and I love her. Plus, girl has the right priorities. Pastries and vengeance.

“Hey now, no one’s desperate enough to abandon pastries.”

I wasn’t convinced that Mada Vittola was evil until I found out about Anouk’s toes. She CUT OFF HER PINKIES to fit into shoes. Not even her own fucking shoes. That was horrifying and I have read some intense stuff. I’m 100% on team Kill the Witches and supportive of them overthrowing those bastards. Anouk may have loved Vittola, but thank the lord that our girl sees the light.

“A twisted, misunderstood love, but even the cruelest forms of love were never lost without heartache.”

I got some serious Darkling vibes from Prince Rennar. He is the driving force for me to want to read the next book. I NEED to know if Anouk kills him or redeems him. That is far more important than her weird relationship with Beau. That whole thing kind of weirded me out. At first it was adorable and I was hoping for poor Beau, but then the goblin party happened and I wanted to stab him in the face. I do love that Shepherd has some seriously quotable stuff.

“Hearts were made to beat steadily, yes, but they were also meant to tremble.”

This was a cute and quick read, but I may or may not get to the second book. I think it depends on what is out then because this one was just meh.

Have you read Grim Lovelies? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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9 thoughts on “Grim Lovelies | Book Review

  1. I was very bland! It took me multiple tries to get through it. Almost DNF’d it actually, but I was part of the blog tour and didn’t want to let the team down (so to speak). To be honest, I’ve already forgotten half the stuff that’s’s a shame, cause the description and cover were awesome.

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