Fictional Family Book Tag

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’ve seen this awesome Fictional Family Tag floating around the blogverse and decided we needed to do it. Special thanks to Jess’ husband and dog Kona for putting the books in their “random order”!

The Rules:

  • Pick 8 books off your shelves (try to not pick just your favorites!)
  • Arrange them into a random order (randomizers are good for this).
  • In the order they are arranged, open them to a random page and write down the first name you see. Don’t mix up the names!
  • In the last book, find the name of an animal/pet and write it down.
  • Put the names in the right category.
  • Tag people (spread the love) copy and paste these rules in your post, or write them out yourself.


Our New Family

Parent One: Amy from Gone Girl

HARD NOPE on this. I’d be funding the therapy business for eternity and probably wearing armor in case she tries to cut my throat if I don’t clean my room.

Parent Two: Scarlett from Caraval

If you are going to have anyone from Caraval be a parent, it better be Scarlett. She will actually do anything to save her sister, so imagine if it was her child. I’m totally ok with this one.

Sibling One: Mia Corvere from Nevernight

I’m 100% down for the shenanigans Mia and I can get into – plus, I want to hang out with Mr. Kindly.

Sibling Two: Minya from Strange the Dreamer

This might be the worst draw ever. On the one hand, she is super loyal to her family, but on the other…. death.

Cousin: Nina from Six of Crows

Nina is the kind of cousin you would actually look forward to seeing at family events instead of hiding in your grandma’s bathroom. Let’s crush some hearts, Nina.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ezra Mason from Illuminae

UM YEAH. Marry me, Ezra! He could fly me across the universe and take down the patriarchy/evil forces.

Best friend: Jace Herondale from The City of Heavenly Fire

While we love Jace, we kind of like to be the center of attention so this BFF relationship may be a little tense. It might turn into gilmore girls level of banter though.

Pet: The Weaver from A Court of Mist and Fury

Oh god no I am terrified of this. I’d be hiding in my chimney for eternity!



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