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We’re here today to talk about one of our favorite book things, SHIPS. Thanks to Loretta @ Laughing Listener for tagging us in this gem. Check out here amazing blog!


  1. Answer the eleven questions provided by the blogger who tagged you
  2. Come up with eleven new questions of your own!
  3. Tag 5 new bloggers!
  4. Mention the blogger who tagged you and have fun!!

Loretta’s Questions

What fictional character would you want to date and why?

J – Jovan from Tainted Accords. He is the perfect amount of insane macho man and sarcastic joker.

T – Rowan Whitethorn, because he’d deal with my sass and give it right back. I’d follow this dude to whatever end.

What would a date with this fictional character look like?

J – Probably Jovan (Fantasy of Frost) and he would stomp around and break things and then we would go to a brazilian steakhouse to eat until we got the meat sweats.

T- Epic training montage of us preparing to take down the patriarchy, obviously.


If you went on a double date with this character, what ship would you want to go on the double with?

J – Lazlo and Sarai. Honestly, I just want to talk with Lazlo about books, but Sarai seems pretty cool too.

T – Desmond and Cally from Rhapsodic because their banter is hilarious to watch and we can go get macaroons at adorable Scottish cafes after we take down the patriarchy.


What ship is your favorite?

T – I am complete trash for Feysand. I think those two just *get* each other’s dark and twisty. After ACOFAS and glimpses into their adorable life I’m 100% dead. Plus, they are funny and prank each other with mind tricks – they’re never boring!

J – Aelin & Rowan is my favorite. Sorry Teagan, if I can’t have him, then he goes to Aelin hands down.

Is there a ship you really hate?

T – Cal and Mare from Red Queen I feel like Jess and I are the only people on the planet that hate this ship. We were actively rooting for them to not get together at the end. Mostly cuz Cal sucks.

J – What Teagan said. Cal is trash.

A book without romance?

T – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe just popped up on my Goodreads so let’s go with that.

J – This is kinda hard! How about To Kill a Mockingbird.

Two characters from different fandoms you’d like to see together?

J – The Darkling and Amren. Because it would be hysterical to see them deal with each other. Clearly, i’m no matchmaker.

T -Zera from Bring Me Their Hearts and Cassian. They are both hilarious and I want to watch their banter for eternity.

What ship completely broke your heart?

T – Katniss and Peeta broke my heart. Every time I hear the word “real” I flashback to their “Real or not real” scene and die inside. They deserved more out of life than their bleak “happy” ending.

J – Four and Tris. I CANNOT with Allegiant.

What’s your favorite trope when it comes to book relationships?

T – I’m all about a good enemies to lovers trope. Feysand, Raelin, Lira and Elian. I love them all!

J – I’m a sucker for a bad boy. Especially when the partner is not some perfect and innocent person, but more street savvy.

If you could delete one ship from a book, who would it be and why?

T – I couldn’t stomach the whole Simon and Clary arc from Mortal Instruments it was just uncomfortable and clearly Clary and Jace belonged together (okay, there was the whole fake incest situation, but still). This part of the series felt unnecessary to me and I could’ve done without.

J – Blue and Adam in The Raven Boys. I never liked them together and the whole thing just made me uncomfortable.

Are there any ships you really want to see happen in the future that haven’t yet?

T – I really want a more developed relationship between Lysandra and Aedion in Kingdom of Ash. I adore those two and *need* them to get together.

J – I want a redo for Maven and Mare. You can hate me. I don’t care.

Our Questions For You

  • What fictional character from a book would you date and why?
  • What would your first date with this character look like? What would you do?
  • What fictional characters would form your book significant other harem?
  • What’s your least favorite trope when it comes to book relationships?
  • What’s your favorite ship?
  • What’s a ship you *hate*?
  • What’s a ship you’d like to third wheel with and why?
  • If you could delete one ship from a book, who would it be and why?
  • What two characters from different fandoms would you like to see together?
  • What ship that ended are you still mourning?
  •  Jacob or Edward?


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16 thoughts on “The Relationshipper Book Tag

  1. Oh my, Peeta and Katniss will always break my heart. That ending, that “real or not real”, always breaks my heart. And Allegiant, I just… I don’t even want to think about it 😂😂😂
    Loved your answers! 😀

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