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Thanks to Noly @ The Artsy Reader for tagging us to do the This or That tag! We are a bit behind on our TBR lists and reviews so this was a great filler until we get caught up. Check out Noly’s blog – its so fun!

Series or standalone?

We like a balance of both. Sometimes you need a standalone to cleanse yourself after a long series!

Magic earned or magic born?

I seem to prefer books whose characters are magic born but perhaps didn’t always know it – gotta love their journeys!

Enemies to lovers or friends to lovers?

Enemies to lovers because I like the tension and lead-up. Friends can be a little too touchy-feely.

Hilarious banter or emotional ruin?

Hilarious banter 90% of the time and then thrown in some emotional ruin to satisfy the dark & twisty in us.

Love triangle or insta love?

I sincerely hate love triangles – I’d much rather struggle through insta love.

Keyboard smash names or all names start with the same letter?

Keyboard smashes annoy me so I will go with the alliteration.

Mean parents or dead parents

Dead parents. I am over the whole evil mom and dad thing. The endings where they face off are the worst!

Supermodel looks or constantly says how “plain” they are?

Supermodel. I am all for a cast of “average” people, but when authors have to go out of their way to keep calling a character plain or average it is just rude! I know i’m no supermodel, but if i was repeatedly called plain I would be pissed. Why can’t you just describe them and let the audience decide if they think they are attractive? At least in a fantasy supermodel people make sense because it’s a fantasy.

Face on cover vs. typography on cover?

Typography. My pet peeve is when the model on the cover doesn’t match the actual character description.

Villain turning a little good or hero turning a little bad?

Hero turning bad! It isn’t done as often and it’s fun.

Best friend dies or love interest dies?

Depends on the book and how great the characters were. Some best friends are crap and some love interests are annoying.

Awesome writing with a dull plot or amazing plot with murderously bad writing?

Awesome writing with a dull plot because my English Major heart was trained to like that.

Cliffhanger ending or heartbreaking ending?

Heartbreaking. I don’t like series that end in cliffhangers.

Breaking the spine or dog-earing the pages?

Dog-earing pages. Breaking a spine makes pages fall out!

“Bad boy” trope or “perfect golden boy” trope as the love interest?

I love a bad boy. Tattoos please!

We Tag whoever wants to do this!

Do you agree with our answers? Let us know in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag

  1. Haha I really enjoyed your answers. And I especially agree with your opinion that authors/characters talking about the “plain looks” is annoying af. I’m so done with that. You don’t have to be super confident but a little would be nice.

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  2. I completely agree with basically all of these!! *Especially* enemies to lovers – friends to lovers always seems so gross and fake. I can count on exactly one hand the number of real life friends-to-lovers stories that I know, and I hate when authors expect me to believe that two people have been friends for 10 years (or whatever) and then magically, “all of a sudden”, something awakens in them and they start bonking – even though they’ve DEFINITELY NEVER thought of each other that way before. Yeah, right! 😐

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